Winter Bucket List – 10 Fun Things to do in the Winter Season

The magical season of luscious hot cocoa, fluffy blankets, and cheerful Christmas carols has finally arrived! Winter is the time when nothing feels better than hiding out under the cozy covers, in the warmth of your bed, and sipping your favorite tea. While this sounds like a stellar plan, there are many more fun things you can do to make the most of this enchanting weather!

Get started by making a winter bucket list and jot down everything you want to do, maybe something festive, something thrilling, or something peaceful to truly enjoy this mesmerizing season. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, refer to the ideas that we’ve carefully enlisted below to make this time of celebration and joy even more special and memorable!

1 Make a Snowman

No winter bucket list can ever be complete without including a snowman. When the neighborhood is laden with glistening white snow and you have time at your hands, just strap on your boots, pile up your layers, and head outside to build a magnificent snowman! To spice things up a bit, you can have a little competition with your family members or neighbors and see who makes the best-looking one.

2 Take a Luxurious Bubble Bath

This season is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a soothing bubble bath to drain out all the stress and tension from your body. Pamper yourself and unwind while soaking in the warm water, reading your favorite book, or listening to calming music. To make things more interesting, add a bath bomb or bubble bath soap to the mix and just relax.

3 Go Ice-skating

For all the thrill-chasers out there, there’s nothing better than ice-skating! Google the ice-skating rinks nearest to your place and visit the one you find most appealing. If you have a frozen lake in your neighborhood, even better! This is a great way to squeeze in some activity and get yourself moving. Grab your friends and go have fun!

4 Cook an Elaborate Dinner

Is it even winter if we don’t indulge in a homemade belly-filling feast? Take a step further and cook it yourself! This is a wonderful time to try out new recipes from YouTube and impress your family with your new-found cooking skills. If you’ve got more time at your disposal, maybe try baking some cookies?

5 Binge watch a T.V. Series

On the days when the temperatures are too low to even get out of your comfy bed, just grab a steaming cup of coffee and spend your time binge-watching T.V shows. You can either start with a new series that you were eager to watch for a long time or rerun your old favorites. There are countless options for you to select from all kinds of genres on various streaming platforms.

6 Curate a Winter Playlist

When it’s freezing outside and you are feeling too lazy to do anything tiring, why not create a special winter playlist and just sit by the fire and spend some time in tranquility? These days there are a number of exceptional music apps that help you to find new songs and make customized playlists with a click of a button.

7 Try Camping

Okay, hear us out first. Camping during the winter season is actually a very popular activity. It’s called “snow camping”. If you are equipped with the right gear, trust us, this activity will be a lot of fun.

Firstly, you and your group will be the only ones out there, which means complete privacy and no unnecessary noise. Moreover, you can pick a campsite of your choice without worrying about creepy insects or rain. Spend your time stargazing amidst the brilliance of nature.

Note: Ensure that you are all decked up with the required necessities or you may fall sick!

8 Do an act of Kindness

A random act of kindness is the most fulfilling and gratifying thing one can do in this season. The months leading up to the excruciating winters are not so joyful for many out there. Small acts of kindness from you can make a big difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate – pay for a stranger’s lunch, donate to an orphanage or volunteer in a local food bank. The possibilities are endless.

9 Host a Game Night

In a mood to stay in? How about planning a spectacular game night with your friends and family? You can pick from a variety of games such as bingo, scrabble, cards, etc., and if the party is only for adults, maybe some drinking games and even the good-old charades is an amazing option! Take things up a notch by adding small prices and rewards.

Don’t forget about food and music. A game night is only successful when you feed your guests with some lip-smacking and delish treats. All this is perfect to create winter memories that will last for a lifetime.

10 Build a Bonfire

What’s better than cozying up next to a warm fire in the winter season? Nothing!

Build a bonfire in your garden and invite all your friends to gather around. This is an excellent opportunity to bond and catch up with your loved ones. Tell ghost stories, reminisce fond memories, and have a blast all night long!

These are just a few ideas that will help you out with your winter bucket list. Start with these, and feel free to add more items as you go further.

Happy winters!

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