10 fun things to do this Thanksgiving

The season of love, gratitude, and lots and lots of delicious food is finally here! But despite the festivities, this year, things might be a little different due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Don’t lose heart – one thing we all have learned from the year 2020 is that we can always find new ways to be close to our loved ones, thanks to the new-age technology. So no need to tone down your holiday joy and gusto!

Today, we have listed down the top 10 fun and exciting things you can do this Thanksgiving to enjoy it to the fullest!

#1 Get Moving!

Thanksgiving is synonymous with mouthwatering turkey dishes and decadent desserts. It’s a no brainer that all of it will eventually go in your belly. But this can make you feel lazy and bloated and that’s definitely not the vibe you would want to go for!

Heading out for a long walk, a quick hike or a bike ride with your family will not only keep you energized but also elevate your mood. Just throw on some cozy knits, trousers, and boots, and get moving!

#2 Indulge in a Movie Marathon

What’s a better time to watch those evergreen holiday movies? They are a great way to spend time with your family without engaging in mindless chatter and unnecessary arguments. Just turn on your television and gather with your fam to watch those timeless masterpieces all over again!

#3 Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Regardless of the pandemic, some traditions can never change! Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been marking the commencement of the holiday season with its marching bands, floats, entertainers, and huge balloons for ages. This time, the parade will be held virtually, (pretty much like everything else) to avoid a huge crowd.

Although it will not be the same parade you are used to, it will surely restore some of your lost holiday spirits!

Put on your chef’s hat
Put on your chef’s hat

#4 Put on your chef’s hat!

Food is hands down the best thing about Thanksgiving. There’s just so much of it! Obviously, if your relatives or friends cannot be there to help you this year, you need to take matters into your own hands by starting the preparation of the various turkey delicacies a little earlier.

Plan your menu ahead of time so that you can cook everything without any stress or hurry. Nowadays, there are a plethora of recipes available online which are easy to prepare yet immensely delectable!

#5 Pick up a Good Book

This holiday season is a great opportunity to finally pick up the book you always wanted to read but couldn’t find the time. This is also a great method to indulge in some peaceful moments. Just curl up in your favorite nook of the house and lose yourself in the read!

#6 Have a Photoshoot with the Fam!

Thanksgivings are meant to spend some quality time with your loved ones and family members. Since most of you have been cooped up with your family, why not use this time to take some amazing snaps together that can be printed on your Christmas cards? They will definitely be cherished by everyone for a long time.

Just use the timer on your phone to click some beautiful snaps. Your living room or your garden will offer the most suitable setting for some really esthetic shots. For an extra festive effect, you and your family members can color co-ordinate your outfits and use some bright-hued sweaters and accessories.

Once framed, these photographs will also turn out to be great Christmas gifts. Trust us, everyone will have a lot of fun!

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#7 Start Decorating for Christmas

Thanksgiving marks the onset of the holiday season. You can always utilize this quarantine to start decorating your home to bask in those Christmasy vibes. Take out the decorations and accessories from the storage area and decorate your house the way you always wanted! Browse different decorating ideas on the internet and spend precious time with your loved ones reminiscing some cherished memories.

#8 Bring out your Creative Side

Make a thankful tree to test your creative side! It is a popular decoration that is generally used as the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table. Dig out your pencils, colors, scissors, papers, and glue sticks, and get as artistic as you can! This also inculcates the attitude of being grateful for all the blessings in your life.

All you need to do is make a list of the things you are thankful for and add them to the Thanksgiving tree. Try and encourage your family members to do the same and spread the spirit of Thanksgiving!

While you are at this task, you can also create a few gorgeous decorations and ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. It will look much more attractive when it will be adorned with your hard work and effort.


#9 Make your Black Friday List

Thanksgiving is a time when most of us start with the gift shopping. Even though you can’t be with your friends physically, you can always send them some beautiful presents to remind them of their value in your life. But all this shopping can burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why there’s Black Friday Sales! Plan your bargains in advance to bag the best deals. Many online stores deliver the items right at your doorstep which makes the whole process much more convenient and hassle-free!

#10 Thanksgiving Games

The holiday season will be incomplete without some fun Thanksgiving games. If you have kids at home, these games will keep them occupied while you complete all the decorations and cooking. Moreover, it’s a great way to bring all the family members together for some bonding time.

Listed below are some famous Thanksgiving Games you can try:

  • Thanksgiving Bingo
  • Roll a Turkey
  • Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Thanksgiving Pictionary

Hope these ideas will help you celebrate this Thanksgiving with a renewed sense of joy and vigor. Remember, whatever might be the situation, you can always adapt and make it special!

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