10 Must Have Essential Items for Winter

‘Tis the season of hot chocolates inside and super chilly days outside. While it all looks and feels wonderful, winters can take a toll on you if you don’t have the right supplies at home. It’s tough to get out in some parts of the world as the winters can be super harsh, in others you might find shops being closed due to heavy snow. But the one thing in common during winters across the world is the sheer difficulty of leaving the cozy blankets to step out for something urgent. However, living in hibernation is close to impossible because work and other chores will force us to get out. This is why it’s probably best to stock up on some supplies before the season hits in full swing.

In case you plan on traveling to a relatively colder place than your hometown, you will still need a bunch of essentials to get through your trip.
This is exactly why we’ve rounded up a list of essential items you can buy for the winters this year to stay warm, healthy, and happy.

  • A beanie: Everyone knows the importance of a thick jacket, but we often tend to forget our ears which get quite cold and difficult to manage. A warm beanie helps to keep the ears and scalp sheltered which is exactly what you would need if you’re planning to head out anytime soon.
  • Some warm drinks: Bring in your favorite teas, hot chocolate sachets, or coffee beans in bulk because this season demands all the hot sips you can make for yourself.


  • The right skincare: Winters dry out your skin and hair drastically. It is important to keep a thick and soothing moisturizer in hand along with a nourishing lip balm and eye cream for the winters. These need to be used on a daily basis to avoid dry, damaged, and chapped skin or lips.
  • Some clothes for the furry friends: Your pets might get chilly too. While they can’t really let you know that directly, it’s always worth getting a couple of warm and cute onesies or T-shirts that they can wear on their walks outside or even around the house.

  • A portable heater: As the weather gets cooler outside, the need for heat increases inside. Most apartments and houses these days are equipped with strong, electric heaters that help in keeping rooms heated. That said, it’s worth investing in a portable heater that can be placed in the outdoor parts of your house (hello backyard picnics) as per your convenience. More importantly, battery-operated heaters can be used in the unlikely but tough situations of power cuts.
  • One weighted blanket: For people living in extremely cold areas, a weighted blanket is a must. Not only does it keep the chills away but its weight also keeps you cozy and insulated so you can drift off to sleep with ease. If you’re someone who gets cold easily, you can even get warmer sheets and pillowcases to go along with the blankets to trap the heat in.
  • A sturdy umbrella: Anyone who lives in an area where rain and snowfall is a common phenomenon, knows the importance of a good umbrella. It’s always handy to have one in your bag when you step out as you never know what the weather might bring next. It’s important to make sure that the umbrella is relatively strong and doesn’t easily get twisted or broken with the first gush of wind.
  • A travel mug: If you’ve already packed in your teabags and coffee jars, you might want to consider getting a travel mug too. Insulated mugs become a necessity for a morning coffee during the winter months. Try picking any steel-based mug/tumbler that can keep your warm drinks secure and hot for a long period of time.
  • Some masks: COVID is still pretty much thriving and masks are just as important as they were when the pandemic began. You can invest in some reusable, cloth-based masks that will not only keep you safe but also warm for the upcoming season. It is no secret that the winters are going to be a challenging time this year and a mask can definitely curb your chances of falling sick.
  •  Boots with rubber soles: It can get slippery to walk through snow or worse, melted snow, throughout this weather. Get yourselves a solid pair of boots that not only keep your feet heated but also make sure you don’t slip off or get any injuries while walking through heavy snow or icy areas. Boots with rubber soles work best as they are less likely to get spoilt in the long run and can get you through these areas without any hassle.

It’s probably the best time to head out for a shopping spree to grab your winter necessities so you can walk outside or stay in with all the comfort. The next few months are going to be super cold and with COVID in the air, it’s important to keep your bodies and rooms insulated and the above essentials should help with that.

Stay safe and keep your health in check this winter!

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