10 Tips for Smart Shopping during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally knocking on our doors with all the festive joy, fun, and laughter. But this is accompanied by the stress and anxiety of holiday shopping. Don’t get us wrong – gift shopping can be extremely fun, but we can’t ignore the fact that it can also be a huge blow to the bank balance. And let’s not forget the time it takes to decide and buy a gift for each of our family members and close friends!

Even though the huge Black Friday queues and overcrowded malls are not an option this year, the world of e-commerce has surely come to our rescue for all the holiday shopping requirements. While the online stores have their own perks, you must take some measures to prevent yourself from getting carried away and drill a hole in your pocket.

Here are 10 simple yet highly effective tips that will help you to be a smart and efficient shopper this holiday season. So without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Develop a Plan

This is without a doubt, one of the most essential holiday shopping tips. Before anything else, you must always calculate your budget realistically, along with making a list of all the people you want to buy gifts for. Even if you haven’t decided what should be given to whom, be practical and try to set a price limit.

  1. Start Early

When it comes to gift shopping, you can never start too early. Start your purchasing spree one or two months in advance. This year, you can begin even sooner as a majority of online retailers are getting on with the holiday and festive sales way before Black Friday. This will save you from any last-minute splurges and you can bag some incredible deals too!

  1. Don’t forget to consider the Shipping Period

If you are banking on the online method of shopping, do consider the shipping period and the delivery timings. While some companies deliver their goods in 2-3 business days, others might take 20-30 days. It all depends on the companies’ policies and the place from where the products are being shipped. Moreover, there are always chances of technical issues and delays. So it’s best you place your orders timely so that everything reaches you before the holiday itself.

  1. Don’t be shy to buy the Same Gift Twice

If you think that a particular item will be liked by more than one of your friends or family members, go ahead and buy it in multiples. This will save you a whole lot of shopping time and the effort that will be required to decide on another gift. Since many brands run offers such as ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ in the festive season, you’ll be able to cut down on your expenses as well.

  1. Go for Practical Items

Sometimes, we also have to choose gifts for people who are not that close to us. For example, our office colleagues or a distant cousin. But that doesn’t mean you give them substandard or cheap items. It totally defeats the purpose of holiday gifting.

There are many practical gifts that are useful while being extremely affordable such as pens, cute pairs of socks, notepads, etc.

  1. Plan the Shopping Trips

While a large chunk of your holiday shopping can be done online, there are still a few items that you can get only from a local store. For this, planning out your route will be a wise decision. First, note all the stores you will be visiting and what all you’ll be buying. Then map out the shortest or most convenient route to get everything done in the least amount of time.

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  1. Compare the Prices

The best part about online shopping is that one item is available on different sites at different prices. This gives you an opportunity to compare them and go for the most affordable one. Nowadays, there are various apps that make this task easier by listing all the websites and prices in one place. This will ultimately save you a lot of money.


  1. Don’t Shop for yourself while buying for others

Oftentimes, when we are browsing through the net to find the perfect gifts, we come across many things that we like and want to buy for ourselves. But this can make a huge dent in the overall budget and lead us to overspend. Focus on the task at hand and refrain from purchasing for yourself. Keep in mind that you will receive your share of holiday gifts as well.

  1. No Impulse Buying

Again, the various festive deals are very tempting and you can easily get carried away. The best way to avoid it is by making a list of all the items you need and stick to it! Do not buy anything that is not on the list, even it is under an exceptional discount. It might seem that you are saving money but in reality, you’ll just be spending more than necessary.

  1. Do your Research

When purchasing major and expensive gifts such as cameras, phones, laptops, etc., make sure you do your research thoroughly. Take out time to check different options and brands available online along with their ratings and reviews. Narrow down to the top 3 picks and select one. This will help you get a quality product at the most affordable price.

Now whether you’re shopping online or in-store, use these smart hacks to make your experience stress-free and truly enjoyable!

Happy Holidays!


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