10 Winter wardrobe Essentials everyone must have

The chilly days are here and it’s best to be prepared for snowfall and the peak winters soon. The first thing that probably requires your attention to be fully ready for the coming months is your wardrobe. You need to have the right kind of attire to walk outside, not just because you want to be sheltered from the weather, but also because it doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re out and about. There are several ways to make your wardrobe look good and still act functional and here are ten essentials you need to keep in handy to make sure yours is too.

  1. A black jacket: Quite obviously, the first thing needed for every winter is a jacket that can keep the cold away. You can either opt for a windcheater/puffer jacket with a hoodie – this keeps away all things cold from wind to rain to snow and having a hoodie will definitely prove to be handy during heavy snowfall or rainfall. If you want a slightly classier yet functional option, get yourself a black wool coat. Not only will it keep you super warm but it will also manage to elevate your outfit and look stunning over dresses, skirts, and other formal outfits. Most coats are also longer than jackets giving you that added shield all the way down to your legs (something to note in case you get cold easily).
  2. A set of beanies: Hoodies are great but not all jackets are equipped with those. Getting a set of beanies is always useful as you can get yourself a variety of colors that can be paired with different outfits rather easily. Try to get a range of colors for your closet including warm shades like mustards and reds and balance those out with classic winter shades like black, grey, and blue.
  3. The right pair of boots: Depending on where you live, you need to make the choice of buying the best set of boots. For countries that face a great amount of rainfall and snow, a pair of boots that can help you walk through the land without slipping is essential. These are usually equipped with rubber soles and created with water-resistant material such as faux leather. On the other hand, if you live in chilly climates where there isn’t a lot of snow, grab yourselves a pair of knee-high boots. These provide enough coverage to keep you warm and can also be paired with anything classy and smart for work or a fancy dinner.
  4. Turtlenecks: As long as we’re speaking of items that can make you look smart and keep you warm, we cannot leave turtlenecks out of the discussion. A few turtlenecks in bold colors are all you need to bring out the best in your outfit with ease. You can use them for creating layers too along with your black coat or jacket to lock in the warmth. Be sure to pair your outfit with a smart bag to stand out in the workplace.
  5. A winter dress: Every wardrobe must have a warm dress that comes with long sleeves and higher necks. You can opt for body-hugging options for relatively important events or choose a baggy, loose-fitting dress for casual hangouts. In any case, a good winter dress will save you the effort of throwing on too many clothes and keep the cold away – no matter the occasion.
  6. Pair of warm socks: Socks are often left out of the shopping list and missed the most when the season hits in full swing. They are super handy when your feet get cold indoors. Find yourselves a pair of thermal socks that are created out of wool and fleece and can be coupled with your favorite boots to walk outside in peak winter weather.
  7. High waisted pants: The key to maintaining fashion and comfort during winters is to have a pair of high waisted pants. These can be jeans or leggings if you’re more comfortable with a body-hugging fit. However, you can also grab a pair of high-waisted flared pants to go with your turtlenecks and sweaters to complete the outfit. They look absolutely stunning with a long coat on top so you don’t have to worry about layering up or feeling cold either.
  8. Some thermals: Let’s face it – it’s not going to be any warmer any time soon and layering is probably the best hack you can use at the moment. Get yourself different colored thermals that can be paired with your outfits and keep in the heat at the same time.
  9. Pair of stockings: You have a shorter dress or a woolen skirt but your knee-high boots are missing? Well, that’s where stockings come in. You can couple them up with dresses and skirts to keep you warm and give you a dressy or casual look depending on the color and fabric of your stockings. If you’ve got your boots around, you can add them to the outfit – this not only compliments your outfit but also keeps you extra, extra warm.
  10. A flannel shirt: Trust a flannel shirt to lock in the heat better than a cotton shirt and keep you cozy around the house. Besides being useful and comfortable, a flannel shirt can also work perfectly for a small gathering at home or just making a quick run to the grocery store.

With a few hacks and these additions to your wardrobe, you are bound to look good and feel comfortable.

Stay warm!

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