12 Effective Tips on How to Get Rid of Spiders (Easy Do It Yourself Tricks)

Imagine that time when you are in the sitting room. All of a sudden, you feel a thrilling living thing crawling on your shoulder to the neck. Before you wipe it away, it is almost reaching your face. Well, it might not be a big deal until you realize that it was a spider.

With all those childhood stories on how these arachnids are venomous, you don’t want to imagine anything else. They indeed have venom though it is weak in some of the species. It does not matter if you ever had such an experience or not; there is a high likelihood that you wish to know how to get rid of spiders.

An infestation of these arachnids could be a bit overwhelming. However, they are crucial in a homestead, and they help in the control of other insects. There are many options to get rid of spiders. However, they may persist, and you may need to seek further assistance.

Measures to Get rid of Spiders

1.     Maintain cleanliness

Spiders feast on bugs, and all these tend to gather in dirty areas. To get rid of spiders, try to eliminate sites that could harbor other insects too.

Wash those dishes regularly and dispose of any trash, and you have a guarantee that you will take time before seeing these insects.

Other than the indoors, that kitchen garden or flower bed around your homestead can be a perfect site for spiders. Once they set a camp in those areas, you wonder why you keep seeing them crawl on your wall every evening. Clear and prune potted plants around your house. More importantly, you should keep them away from the wall of your house.

2.     Use a eucalyptus plant

Another way to get rid of spiders in the house is to go for a eucalyptus plant. Spiders dislike the pungent scent from this plant. It is possible to grow the plant, both indoor and outdoor. However, it thrives better in the house if it can access full sunlight. Other than growing the plant, you can cut branches and place them in your house. Of course, you need to keep replacing them since what you want is the pungent smell. It is a natural way to get rid of spiders.

3.     Use a peppermint spray

Peppermint is a great turn off to spiders. Place water into a spray bottle. Add several drops of peppermint. Spray the mixture on the corners and effectively get rid of spiders in the house without killing them. Since peppermint is nontoxic, you can spray even on your beddings if spiders are common near your bed.

A peppermint teabag can as well control these insects. After using it in your tea, leave the bag in a location where spiders frequent a lot.

4.     Use a lavender spray

Another fragrant product you can use to get rid of spiders in your house is lavender. Spiders don’t want any of the lovely scents that come from lavender. To prepare the product, take a spray bottle, and put water. Add several drops of lavender oil and some little washing up liquid. Shake thoroughly for a perfect combination. An advantage of this method is that you benefit from the refreshing fragrance as you get rid of spiders in the house.

5.     Place the bins away from the house

Humans dislike flies, but spiders love them a lot. These arachnids hang around the bins since there is an abundant presence of their perhaps, favorite food. If you wish to get rid of spiders, wheel the bins away from your house. Additionally, ensure that you keep them covered.

6.     Use horse chestnuts

If you are wondering how to get rid of spiders naturally, then consider conkers. Horse chestnuts have a compound that spiders find inedible.

According to a 2018 study, natural compounds such as conkers are efficient in destabilizing a spider colony. All you need to do is to place conkers in the corners of a building where these arachnids are likely to frequent. To maximize the release of the chemical, you can make some holes.

7.     Let your cat do the work

If your obsession is on dogs and no cat pet in your house, it is time you look for one. If you are wondering how to get rid of spiders in the house without using chemicals, then a cat takes care of that.

8.     Use anti-spider pouches

Anti-spider pouches are available in local pest control stores. You can as well make your own. The pouches contain a scent or herb that spiders dislike. You place the pouches along with the spots where spiders frequent.

9.     Weather-stripping

It involves sealing air gaps around objects such as AC units, doors, and windows. You use a narrow strip of rubber, felt, foam or vinyl. It is a great method to get rid of spiders and, at the same time, increase energy efficiency in your house.

10.  Rub a lemon peel

You may wonder how to get rid of spiders in the house using a cheap method. A lemon peel is one since spiders hate the citrus smell. Rub the peel in places where these insects are likely to hide. It is a convenient method that does not call for anything else other than identifying areas where spiders frequent.

11. Play the audio

It is interesting to use a radio to get rid of spiders. You like music and all those programs, but the spiders don’t want to hear any of such. The vibrations it causes deter the spiders from hearing insects in their webs. Therefore, the next time you wish to leave the house, tune in the audio and, as a result, tune the spiders away.

12. Wash produce before storage

Whenever you bring those fruits and vegetables from the grocery, make sure you clean them. Your objective is to control flies that, in turn, attract spiders. It is more common when you have grapes since the fruits attract most insects. You are likely to find spiders forming the web around them.

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