7 Ways To Prevent The Flu Naturally

Winter months are known for a lot of lovely things, including Christmas, Diwali, and snowfall. But quite close to those positives are a few things to be careful of. Normally, that list only includes protecting oneself from the flu. But this year, we can’t help but be extra cautious about our health because of the prompt spread of the virus. While a cure has not been fully prepared yet, our best bet is to boost our immunity, take necessary precautions, and prep our bodies to face anything from the flu to the Coronavirus.

Besides taking preventive flu shots and hoarding on antibiotics, there are several natural remedies you can use to keep your immunity up and running at its best and saving yourself from the infections spreading around.

  1. Vitamin C intake: By now, everyone is well-versed with the positive impacts of vitamin C. Add in vitamin C in your daily life either in the form of supplements or with super citrusy fruits, veggies, and nuts. If you’re one to forget your supplements, pop in effervescent tablets to your bottle of water to keep you going all day. Likewise, you can even make yourself a nutritious smoothie at the start of your day that will take care of your vitamin C dosage levels for the rest of the day. Last but not least, a glass of orange juice is never a bad idea when you’re trying to keep your immunity at its best.


 2.Chicken Soup for the soul and your system: Chicken soup or bone broth can not only give you comfort when you’re sick, but it also gives your body the necessary protein and other nutrients to keep the body healthy. One of the reasons why chicken soup or bone broth works for warding off germs is because it keeps you hydrated. If you have caught some signs of the flu, it will also definitely help with clearing off any congestion and bringing you back to normal quicker by fighting off the weakness (thanks to the protein and herbs in it).

chicken soup
A bowl of chicken soup


 3.Drink all that tea: Your body requires warm fluids to keep you soothed and hydrated through the cold days. The best way to do that is to have some herbal teas throughout. Not only will they keep you hydrated, but they will also help you get past any congestion and make you feel better in general. If you tend to get a sore throat easily,     have a few sips of herbal teas before bed or whenever you sense any throat irritation as this will definitely help in calming the soreness and preventing the problem from getting worse.

 4.Away from the caffeine: Caffeinated drinks are of no help at a time like this. As mentioned, your body requires hydration to battle common colds and for your immune system to work in full swing. Caffeine is super dehydrating and has just the opposite effects on your body. It will also lead to heavy congestion and coughing while weakening your immune system. Try and make it a habit to keep the caffeinated drinks limited for a healthy lifestyle, so you don’t have to quit cold turkey during the winter months.

 5.Homemade immunity shots: You don’t have to go around major retailers to find the perfect immunity shots. You’ve got most of those ingredients in your kitchen already. It’s worth investing time to create these healthy shots that you can drink once a day to stay off illnesses. These can be made out of ingredients like turmeric, lemon,  honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, etc. Feel free to create combinations out of some of those items to ensure the shots not only help you healthwise but also taste good.

Vegetable Shots
Healthy Vegetable Shots

 6.Wash your hands: We’ve all been hearing this one for every hour of every day. That said, this advice is still sound as ever. Washing your hands with soap and water will not only kill the germs that you pick up from different places but will also remove them from your hands/body, which in turn will prevent any infections from spreading to you or others around you. Always have alcohol-based cleansing wipes around you, too, in case of emergencies.

 7.Don’t lose the good lifestyle: It’s always a little difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle as laziness gets in the way. But, getting a decent amount of sound sleep and reducing stress in your daily lifestyle allows your immune system to reboot and maintain a good functioning rate. If you’re having trouble with your sleep, try squeezing in a few extra minutes of meditation and exercise to keep the breathing in place and getting your sleep on track.

Getting rest
Woman getting rest

The common factor amongst most natural remedies is the idea of keeping your immune system in check without overburdening it by exposing it to germs. With the season change and the ongoing pandemic, it can be a little difficult to keep yourself away from the nasties, but it’s definitely not impossible thanks to the above. Make sure you’re careful while coming in contact with people who are infected, as these might increase the chances of your catching the flu.

Try your best to keep yourself healthy, don’t stress too much, and stay safe!

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