11 Top Baby Must-Haves (12-18 Months) All Moms Need To Know!

Toddlers are full of energy, and they just don’t need a lot of time, but a lot of resources as well. Many first-time parents wonder how to prepare for their child’s needs as they turn a year old and how to make their lives much easier?

Some baby must-haves that will save you a lot of time and energy include a larger baby carrier, to make transport easier. Some other essentials are diaper pants because regular diapers might not do the trick. Moreover, you need material for learning, speaking, like books and flashcards.

It is important to know that your baby’s needs can change overnight, someday they might like something, and other days they won’t. They need some essentials to keep them engaged, safe, and healthy.

Baby Must-Haves for 12 To 18-Month-Olds

There are many things that can change for parents when their child turns one. They start walking, talking, learning, and interacting with each and everything. That can be a lot to handle for some parents, but there are a few must-haves that can change the way you take care of a child.

Some essential items can save you energy, so it’s a little more manageable to take care of your one-year-old. We prepared a list of some baby must-haves!


1. A Baby Carrier

A baby carrier can help you a lot more since it’s not easy to keep your baby in your arms forever. Many baby carriers offer you the option of holding your child like you would carry a bag pack. Yes, that might sound odd, but it’s actually one of the safest ways to travel with your child.

A protected seat that you can attach to either your front or back. Its structure keeps your child protected, and you have some extra room to carry bottles and diapers.

A Baby Carrier for 12-18 months old
A Baby Carrier

2. A Baby Healthcare Kit

Your baby is their own person, and they need their own healthcare kit. As they grow older, you might need more and more tools to keep the health in check, and it would not be a bad idea to get a healthcare kit for them.

A general kit usually includes essential items like a baby thermometer, nail clippers, combs, toothbrushes, baby-safe toothpaste, nose cleaner, and organizers. You can keep all this stuff separately, so you don’t just use the household thermometers and nail clippers on the baby. You can use this even when the baby is older.

A Baby Healthcare Kit
A Baby Healthcare Kit

3. Baby Bath Support

The bath support is a useful piece of equipment. You cannot always use a tub for a baby as they can slip and dunk their head underwater if unattended for a second. Bath support consists of a chair like device, that has holes at the bottom.

It allows the soap and water to seep away, so your baby does come in contact with soapy or dirty water. It makes bath time much easier for both you and your child.


4. Eating Chair

an eating chair can save your life. Busy mothers may find it very difficult to sit down there one year old and make them eat without wreaking havoc. You might find food smashed against the floor, the walls, their face, hands, and any surface possible.

An eating chair can ease up the job for you. The baby stays in one place, strapped into their chair while you can feed them. It has an extended tray so you can keep their food and drink in front of them.

This also allows your child to learn the concept of food eating at a certain time. There are also outdoor feeding chairs that can help feed when you are traveling. It will definitely make feeding the baby a lot easier task

Eating Chair for 12-18 months old
Eating Chair

5. Diaper Rash Cream

Yes, you might have to tackle a lot of diaper rashes. A good diaper rash cream can come in handy to soothe your baby’s rashes that can happen a lot more often than you think.

Wearing diapers all the time, from sleeping, eating, and playing, the moisture, and texture can very easily cause a rash that can irritate your baby.

A good diaper cream helps soothe the area and keep your baby healthy, happy, and active.


6. A Pair Of Velcro Shoes

You can take your baby everywhere barefoot anymore. Your child may start walking anywhere between 9 to 18 months, and you need to worry about their feet.

Especially when they want to run around in other people’s homes or outdoors, this is where a good pair of Velcro shoes can come in handy.

They are easy to slide on and seal with a Velcro. Most of these shoes allow breathability, so they don’t irritate your baby.

A Pair Of Velcro Shoes for 12-18 months old
A Pair Of Velcro Shoes

7. First Pack Of Flash Cards

The age of 12 to 18 months is essential for learning. It is actually when you can start teaching your children much more advanced concepts. This is definitely a good age to get some flashcards. Vibrant cards can catch their attention and make them learn a few new things.

Some of the recommended flashcards could be numbers, objects, colors, animals, and more. You can also opt for books with picture stories and introduce newer concepts.


8. Night Light

A nightlight is something you might need if you are shifting the baby from your room to their own. Let’s be honest, and nobody likes the dark, whether you’re a baby or much older.

A soft nightlight can go straight into the socket and allow a dim glimmer in the room. It will make it a lot more comfortable for your baby to go to sleep, and you can also view them better through the baby monitor at night.

night light
night light

9. Building Blocks

Learning toys can really help your child develop sensory and motor skills at the ripe age of one year old. Legos and building blocks can do the trick. It can keep your child occupied and can also boost a little bit of their creativity.

You can spend quality time with your little one and build cars, towers, and other objects.


10. Stock Up On Bibs

As a parent, a pro tip would be to stock up on some silicone bibs. They catch spit-up, food, drool, and whatever your baby might have planned to throw up that day. This can really come in handy when feeding the child.

Silicon is easy to clean with just a rinse, and you can dump out whatever they throw, so you don’t have to change their clothes and shower them after every meal of the day.

Stock Up On Bibs

11. Baby White Noise Machine

Babies like to sleep to certain sounds. If you are someone who is always on the go and have to take your baby with you, then a white noise machine can really help you. It helps replicate sounds of rain, wind, ocean waves, or even a lullaby.

It helps you create a comfortable sleeping environment anywhere, and your baby can fall asleep much more easily.


What toys does an 18-month-old need?

An 18-month-old is potentially learning how to walk, crawl, and speak. It is an exciting age! You can use blocks, cars, dolls, and puzzles to keep them stimulated and engaged.

How to keep my 18 months old entertained?

18-month-olds can have shorter attention spans; however, there are multiple ways to keep them entertained. You can turn on baby jingles, dances, books, flashcards, and start teaching them a few new things.

How can I clean my baby products?

Make sure you clean your baby’s products with a mild and hypoallergenic cleanser. Some industrial strength and daily home cleaning liquids can irritate your baby with strong scents and chemicals.

What do I avoid when buying baby items?

Try to pick fabrics that are natural and softer for the baby when it comes to clothing and bedding items. In addition, keep away from toys that could be a potential choking hazard.

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