Best home decor gifts this Christmas

This year has been tough and heavy for nearly everyone around the world. But we’re nearing the end of it and with that comes the season of snow, eggnogs, Santa, and of course, some exciting gifts. Most of us have spent a large chunk of our time in 2020 sitting indoors and we might have to do a little more of that before things go back to complete normalcy again. This means that if there was ever a need for revamping the interiors of the house, it is now! Everyone is looking to give their eyes a change of scenery while being indoors, so they can stay inspired, keep things fresh, and enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

Luckily, there are ample options out there for you to pick from. These are definite mood lifters as gifts for your loved ones because they will elevate the look of their rooms and furniture pieces in a jiffy.

-Glitz and Glitter: It’s a time to celebrate and what better way to do so than to add a touch of glitz to the party? Both, large and small marquee pieces, make for amazing gifts. These decorative items will add life to any room they are placed in. You can opt for bigger signs that hang on the wall for larger spaces or smaller ones that can be placed on tables and shelves for lighting up a corner.

-Sophistication wins: For friends and family who like to keep it classy, candleholders of any kind are an iconic decor gift. These never go out of style and can be placed as centerpieces on any table in their living room or study space depending on their style and finish. You can pair these candlesticks with some tinted glassware like some colored wine or coated champagne glasses, so their table setting instantly looks complete and sophisticated.

-Trinkets all around: Thanks to our fast lifestyles, we are covered in gadgets and accessories 24×7. But there is a better way to stow these extras away while adding a stylish touch to your room as well. Trinket dishes are mostly either created out of charming ceramic patterns or with a classy leather finish. The best part is they can look good in any room of the house without having to specially make a place for them. They are also super handy and functional so you would definitely be making the right choice of presents when it comes to them. You can take it a notch higher by customizing these dishes with initials of relative’s or friend’s names.

-Set the table: Peoples’ tables are always swarming with friends and family during the holidays. You can add to that joy by bringing in Christmas themed table decor gift basket. This would include everything from table runners to table mats. Throw in some red and

-Lights on :
 From stunning fairy lights to aromatic candles, you can easily give your family and friends something timeless. Start off by adding string lights that can go over shelves and curtains. Choose LED lights that can be used in lawns and front yards to hang from branches of trees. Modern lanterns can also never be wrong as they deck up any shelf or room they are placed in. These are both gorgeous and functional as they usually are battery operated or have a slot for candles in them which makes decorations that many white roses along with color-coordinated napkins to add a little extra life to your final gift. You can add in fancy china or cutlery to complete the basket.

-Just a little jarring:
Glass jars of different sizes with candy canes cannot just be a boon for snacking but also great decorative items for any shelf or mantle. Be sure to fill them up with different colored candies before you gift them so there is enough variety for your friends and family to pick from. Alternatively, you can even gift out colored jars that look in sync with their furniture items as a valuable addition. If you really want to go the extra mile, fill up the jars with easier and kid-friendly. Just like these lanterns, battery-powered, flameless candles are also a great fit for a house with toddlers or young kids as they light up the room with minimal risk.

something homemade like jams or sauces and use your DIY skills to decorate them with linens, strings, and small notes. These jars won’t just look good on their kitchen tables but will also remind them of you every time they reach out for them.

While these gifts are super handy and can be created and found individually on Essential Items, don’t be shy to mix and match these items and put together your own form of hampers or gifts, because creativity always shines through gifting.

Be sure to keep in mind aspects like structure, furniture, current decorative items that your friends and family have in order to come up with the best results. This will also help you in aligning your gifts with chosen corners of their homes so that your presents blend in perfectly and with ease.

Happy gifting!

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