Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Must Have

A messy desk might be the sign of a genius but a messy home seems far from it. We understand that it’s one thing to sort out a desk and a completely different one to clean a whole apartment/house. Different rooms and surface areas require different cleaning methods, liquids, and substances. It is important to have these products in hand because aside from maintaining regular tidiness standards, they can save your favorite piece of furniture or fittings from permanent stains and damages in an emergency.

Whether you’re just moving into your new place or planning to go on a cleaning spree in the existing one, you require a plethora of essential cleaning products, to begin with. We understand how important home cleaning is and how the lineup of cleaning products can look massive and confusing. This is why we bring you a simple breakdown of all the products you will need for your frequent house cleaning episodes.

Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Must Have
Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Must Have

Around the house:

There are a few staples that are an absolute must when it comes to cleaning your home. Let’s discuss a few of them in a bit more detail.

-A vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a broom are the basic three things that are required for clean and pest-free floors. Add a dust-pan to the list for easier cleaning near tiny crevices and corners. For special flooring, ensure that you have a tile-specific floor cleanser that prevents any damage to your tiles.

-Every home should also have a pack of disinfectant multi-purpose wipes that can be used on multiple surfaces. You can even use a microfiber hand duster to dust off exteriors before wiping them with a disinfectant wipe.

-If the water in your area tends to form limescale on platforms, sinks, bathrooms, etc. it’s best to buy one or more types of limescale cleaners that can be used regularly to prevent build-up.

-Glass/mirror cleansers can assist with wiping spotted mirrors, glass windows, cabinets, shower doors, and other surfaces around the house.

-Bleaches are strong helpers when it comes to nasty stains and stubborn damages. Store a bottle of bleach (away from the little ones) for emergency blots and smudges.

-Declogging is an integral part of a well-functioning plumbing system. Keep kitchen specific clog removers to unclog any sinks, tubs, and strains throughout the house.

-Make sure your drawers are stocked with garbage bag s of different sizes as these are regularly needed to keep your home neat and clean.

Around the house
Around the house

In the kitchen:      

-Every kitchen needs a dish soap or a pack of dishwasher pods for dirty dishes and a microfiber towel or drying rack to dry them. It’s also worth getting surface-specific products for your kitchen tops i.e. choose one based on the material that your kitchen top is made of (steel, marble, granite, ceramic, etc.) Alternatively, you can opt for multi-surface cleansers that give a spotless shine regardless of what surface they are used on.

-Sponges or brushes can be used to wash dishes or even scrub the exteriors of kitchen cabinets and stovetops. Make sure you get yourself a pair of rubber gloves to avoid any damage to your skin.

-If your oven is used frequently, do buy an oven cleaner that can be used regularly to avoid any foul smells or thick residue.

In the bathroom:

-Toilet cleaners and bleaches are a must in every bathroom for essential cleaning. Durable toilet brushes are also required for better scrubbing, so you can keep your washroom germ-free.

-Grout/mold/mildew build-up is a common problem around the tiles and borders of tubs and shower areas and a health risk in their later stages. Essential cleaning items like grout cleaners or mold/mildew removers can be poured regularly to prevent build-up and get rid of any existing issues.

In the bathroom
In the bathroom

In the living room/bedroom:

-If you’ve got pets or toddlers who find the sofa set too comfortable, get a vacuum cleaner that comes with a variety of attachments to help you in reaching every corner of your couch. Likewise, you may even find cordless/handy vacuums to be more helpful as they are both, lightweight and powerful.

-Lint rollers are also extremely useful in removing pet hair and lint from sheets, pillowcases, and other cloth surfaces. Additionally, durable pet litters can be placed around the house to make pet maintenance a tad easier.

-If you’ve got carpets or rugs in any of your rooms, make sure you get yourself a carpet cleaner as stains are more likely to be removed if treated instantly. Both spray and liquid carpet cleaners are effective and can prove to be essential cleaning items around the house.

In the laundry room:

-Add some good quality cloth detergent and a fabric freshener to your clothes while doing your regular laundry. A fabric softener might also turn out to be handy as it prevents damages while gently removing stains.

-Alternatively, you may even bring in detergent pods that are easy to use and can be popped in with every load in your washing machine.

In the laundry room
In the laundry room


Aside from industrial cleaning products, your home should be equipped with some basic grocery items that can be used in DIY methods to create homemade cleaning products. On top of the list are white vinegar and baking soda that can be used in several blends for several forms of cleaning.

You can find several of these products with ease at Essential Items. If you are on the lookout for something specific, reach out to us and we will help you in making your home a spick and span.

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