6 Essential Items for a One Year Old That Every Mom Should Have

Being a parent of a one-year-old is no joke. It’s a full-time job that pays you nothing and tires you out in mere hours. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. But if you have a one-year-old in the house, you must be wondering what essential items a one-year-old can use.

Essential items include things that can assist your baby with its everyday functions. These include cutlery, baby monitors, creams, body washes, and toys. These products also keep your baby safe from possible hazards and help them learn new things. 

In a world of enormous online and physical markets, deciding on the best range of products for your child is difficult.

There are thousands of online products, and selecting the right ones can take time and effort. Knowing which products are essential can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time parent.


A Guide To Figuring Out The Essentials

There is a range of things you should look out for before selecting the essential products for your baby. Essential items assist you and your baby with small, everyday tasks.

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can sometimes be to do minor things. Even feeding your child becomes challenging, especially if your child is a picky and messy eater.

In addition to assisting, essential items keep your child safe and protected from how they can hurt themselves.

Transitioning from infants to toddlers is hard, and most one-year-olds are in the first phases of growth. They are incredibly curious about the world and always want to try new things. From trying to put all kinds of objects in their mouths to inserting their fingers in sockets, one-year-olds want to try it all.

This is why choosing products that ensure your child’s safety without hindering their fun learning process is essential. Another critical function of essential items is their ability to help your child experience new things and learn.

A one-year-old is experiencing a variety of cognitive developments. Their curiosity about the things around them should be encouraged.

Keeping your child clean and safe is essential, but it is also imperative to let them explore to develop their mind and bodies. Objects such as educational toys help your children have fun and learn simultaneously. Their contribution to your child’s growth is one of the primary reasons they’re considered essential products.

Choose the right essential items for your one-year-old.

There are a couple of things you need to look for before you choose the best essential product for your one-year-old. One of the most important things you need to consider is the price of your product.
Thankfully, you have thousands of options available in the market. This is great because it gives you a whole variety of price points to choose from. This will also help you compare prices and avoid buying overpriced things or getting scammed.
Another important factor you need to consider is the quality of the product itself—the material it is made of and if it will last you a long time.
Nobody likes making repeated market trips, so you must make purchases you will not regret later. You can also look for protective layers, padding, or coverings that will help whatever product you’ve bought last a long time.
For example, getting splash-resistant bowls made with sturdy plastic will help the bowls last longer, even if your child likes to throw them around.
If you’re wondering what essential items you can buy for your child, here’s a list that might help.

6 Essential Items for a One Year Old That Every Mom Should Have
6 Essential Items for a One-Year-Old

1.  Anti-Spill Plastic Bowls

Your one-year-old deserves the best cutlery. Bright and sturdy, anti-spill bowls are some of the most important things you can buy for them.

Designed to avoid all kinds of spillage, these bowls will help your children have their meals without creating a huge mess. This will also be great for you since you won’t have to spend time constantly cleaning up after your –year old.


2.  Fragrance-Free Sanitizer

The sanitizer has now been added to the essential list for children worldwide. Due to the current pandemic, keeping you one-year-old safe all the time is essential.

One-year-olds don’t have the strongest immune system and are in constant danger of getting sick. For this, it is important to buy a sanitizer for your baby. But get the fragrance-free one because perfumes can be abrasive and harmful to your little one’s skin.

Fragrance-free sanitizer - Essential Items for a One-Year-Old
Fragrance-free sanitizer

3.  Toddler Rocker

If you’re tired of a cranky, constantly crying child, a toddler rocker could help you. Toddler rockers are a staple in the essential list because they help calm your child down without you having to put in a lot of labor.

4.  Baby Proofers

This is one of the most important things you can get for your child. A child’s safety is one of the top priorities for their parent, and baby proofers protect your child from all kinds of harm. From sharp edges to electrical hazards, baby proofers will let your child explore and enjoy themselves in peace.

You can attach them to tables, bed corners, sockets, extensions, switchboards, fridges, and cabinets.


5.  Diaper Pail

If you’re tired of all the smelly diapers, a diaper pail could be great for you. Designed to lock unpleasant odors, diaper pails are a must-have for one-year-olds. You only need to throw the used diaper inside the bucket and securely seal it.

You can dump out the waste at the end of the day instead of running to the dumpster 10 to 12 times daily.


6.  A Baby Toy or Book

Some cute pictures in a book can be helpful if you try to teach your child from a younger age. They will recognize more words and affiliate them with views. You can take a book about colors, animals, and daily objects are start putting them to sleep using such imagery.

It’s a quick way to put them to sleep or even teach them new concepts.

Here are some answers to important questions that might’ve crossed your mind

baby toys are Essential Items for a One-Year-Old
baby toys

1.  What essential items do I need for a baby?

There are a variety of essential items that you can get for your baby. From toys that help them learn to baby proofers that keep them safe, there are many things a one-year-old requires.

For their health and hygiene, you can get them fragrance-free sanitizers, lotions, cream for diaper rashes, etc. Other essential items include cots, bouncy chairs, and baby monitors.


2.  What should I teach my one-year-old?

There are a variety of things you can teach your one-year-old. You can teach them new words and expose them to different languages. One-year-olds are rapid learners and grasp things quicker than most adults.


3.  What kind of food can you give a 1-year-old?

There are a variety of nutritious foods you can give your one-year-old. You can fulfill their dairy requirements with milk and yogurt. You can also provide them with chicken and turkey bits, whole grain pancakes, and many yummy fruits and veggies.


4.  Can you discipline a 1-year-old?

It would be best if you were gentle with your one-year-old. It is essential to teach them good values and respect the things and people around them. You can follow simple socialization strategies to help your child learn the best manners.

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