Essential Travel Items: What You Should Always Bring With You on an Overseas Trip

overseas travel essentials

Regardless of whether you not you are a seasoned traveler or you head overseas just now and again, there are some important considerations when you are planning on packing your bag ahead of your next trip. Don’t just stop at your passport and visa. There are plenty of essential items to consider when you are heading on an international trip that will make your experience a whole lot more comfortable.

In this article, we explore some of the most important things to pack in your bags ahead of heading off on your international journey.


10 Essential items to pack before you jump on the plane overseas

You don’t need to be going on a hike or a huge experience, even a trip overseas to a resort requires essential items for overseas travel.

Exploring the list of items below will ensure you are not caught out when you are next traveling overseas. Outlined below are essential travel items to consider packing in your luggage when you are heading overseas on a holiday or trip.


1. Passport and visa

You’re not going to get very far without a passport and adequate visas for the country you are traveling to, so be sure you have these with you. You have also checked that you have the correct amount of validity on your passport to be allowed into the country. Some countries only accept travelers if they have a specific amount of time remaining on the passport, so be sure to check this ahead of arrival. Also, some countries require you to arrange a visa ahead of arrival, and some will stamp your passport once you arrive, so always check ahead with the consulate to be sure you are traveling correctly; otherwise, you could be detained or fined.

Passport and visa
Passport and visa

2. Medications and a first aid kit

It’s important to ensure you bring along on your overseas trip adequate medication for the amount of time you are spending in the country. Be aware that not every country has the same standard of health care and often, brands that may be available in the USA, for example, are not always available globally. Also, ensure you have a fully stocked first aid kit in the event you need it as you are not likely to have a GP or local doctor on hand to help you in your time of need.

First aid kit and medical supplies
First aid kit

3. Cash, cards, and a plan for withdrawing your money

Gone are the days of traveler’s cheques. Today you need to have cash, cards that are suitable for withdrawing at international ATMs. Be aware that some cards such as AMMEX and Diners are not always welcome internationally, so often cash on an international travel Visa is a great way to ensure you have access to the funds you need for the duration of your holiday.

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4. Portable international charger

When you travel these days, you will usually take a mobile phone, digital camera, iPad or tablet, and even a laptop, so you need an international charger to charge all of your electronics. Not all countries have the same power ports. Some even have unique power outages, so purchase an international adapter ahead of your travels to keep your digital devices charged and safe.

Portable international charger
Portable charger

5. Insurance and plenty of ID’S

Travel insurance is a must before you step on the plane, imagine falling ill or even dying overseas, you aren’t protected without traveler’s insurance. You should check the location and the type of activities you will be experiencing before you sign up for a policy. Some don’t cover extreme sports such as skiing or specific adventures that are often too risky to cover.


6. Suitable baggage

Consider where you are going and the terrain. Will it be suitable for luggage on wheels, or would it be better to take a hiking style backpack. Travel locks for bags and money belts are also key to ensure your wallet, cash, passport, and any documents are safe and carried on yourself at all times during a getaway. 

Suitable baggage

7. Lightweight clothing and walking shoes

When you are on a hiking track, at the beach, or you are spending time in hot climates, you should ensure you have the correct footwear and also clothing to ensure you are protected and safe from the elements. Consider layering lightweight clothing to ensure you are protected, and your baggage isn’t too weighed down.


8. Travel speakers

Traveling abroad doesn’t mean you need to be without your favorite tunes. Consider packing a set of lightweight wireless speakers that can be easily charged.

Travel speakers
Travel speakers

9. Toiletries

Similar to medicines, not all countries will have the brands or toiletries you might be used to, so be sure to pack the toiletry essentials you like with you rather than picking them up once you are there. You are less likely to find the brands you like, and you probably might find it difficult to translate for those countries that don’t use English widely.

You should also ensure you do some research on the country you are traveling to, their security, safety, climate, and even the customs to ensure you understand what to expect when you arrive.

Don’t make the mistake that you can duck down to the local shops and grab any items you might have forgotten to pack. In some countries, you might have a language barrier, or you won’t be able to get the items you want – and in the case of medications, this could be a serious issue, so plan to ensure you get the essentials you need on your next overseas holiday.

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