Every Essential Bathroom Item Your Home Needs to Have

No matter whether you live in a small flat or a large and lavish villa, there has to be one thing in common – a bathroom. It is without a doubt, the most-used room in any house and still, we tend to neglect it the most. Moreover, when a guest visits your home, you don’t want to be embarrassed just because you have an unorganized and dirty washroom, do you?

While a toilet, a sink, and a shower are the bare minimums that your bathroom requires, there are many other essential bathroom items that you need to stock up on to make it a fully equipped sanctuary that meets all your intimate and sanitary requirements.

If you are planning to move into a new house or refurbishing your old bathroom, make sure to include the following items in the list of your bathroom essentials. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Functional Items

These are the items that are absolutely necessary for you to have in your bathroom to make it properly functional.

Towels – It goes without saying that your bathroom is incomplete without a set of soft and fluffy towels. You must invest in a good quality towel set that contains both, bath towels and hand towels.

Shower Curtain – This solves two purposes, one – it gives you the privacy you seek, and second – it prevents the water from spreading all over the floor.

Mirror – It is surely one of the must-have bathroom items. Other than its obvious function, a mirror adds an element of elegance in your bathroom which makes it much more luxurious and plush.

Bath Mat – No matter how much you try, your bathroom floors are bound to get wet. A bath mat will not only absorb the water from the floor but prevent you from slipping on it.

Wastebasket – Make sure to place a small wastebasket in the corner of your bathroom to dispose of tissues, wrappers, or feminine products. To keep it clean and hygienic, line it with a plastic film or garbage bag.

Soap Dispenser – To wash your hands after going to the toilet or you will contaminate everything you touch!

Personal Care Items

When you spend so much time to primp and pamper yourself in your bathroom, you must have the following items to turn it into a beautiful retreat.

Bath Sponge – Bath sponges elevate your bathing experience a few notches by gently yet thoroughly cleansing your body. It will make you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bathroom Heater – This should be included in your list of bathroom items if you live in a cooler place. Moreover, a bathroom heater will ensure that you are comfortable in taking a bath even in the winter season.

Shower Radio – For many of us, our bathroom is a place where we like to unwind. Listening to some music while showering can actually be very therapeutic. A shower radio will be an ideal choice for this purpose.

Skincare Supplies – If you prefer to do your skin care regimen in your bathroom, it’s probably a good idea to keep your products there.

Organizing Items

To ensure that your bathroom always looks neat, tidy, and organized, don’t forget to include the following essentials in your checklist.

Storing Cabinet – Like every other room, your bathroom needs to have some storing space to keep the utility items like extra toothbrushes, shaving kits, tissues, toilet papers, etc. You can create this space by attaching a nice storing cabinet in an easy-to-reach area.

Shower Caddy – When you think about it, your shower care products such as shampoos, lotions, body wash take up quite a lot of space and certainly don’t look good lying on the bathroom floor. That’s why you need to hang a shower caddy where you can keep all these items tidily.

Laundry Basket – Something you need to pile away those dirty and used clothes, undergarments, and wet towels so they do not hinder the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Holders and Hooks – Toothbrush holder, toilet paper holder, and soap dish are some tools you need to store these items without getting contaminated with dirty water. Hooks are essential to hang your towels and clothes while showering.

Cleaning Items

No one likes the feel of a dirty and unhygienic bathroom. For an immaculate space, you need these bathroom cleaning essentials.

Fragrance Spray – After a period of time, unpleasant odors tend to accumulate in the bathroom. To keep it nice and fresh, you can invest in some fragrant sprays.

Cleaning Wipes – When you use hot water in the bathroom, it is natural that your mirror and tiles get misted.  Always keep some cleaning wipes or tissues to wipe off that moisture.

Plunger – Clogging of toilets and drains is something that is inevitable. Hence, ensure that you have a plunger to tackle such situations.

Toilet Brush – Even though it’s not a task you look forward to, you must clean your toilet seat occasionally to keep infections and diseases at bay. For that, you need a toilet brush.

Cleaners – You must have some cleaners such as tile and floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, and glass cleaner to keep your bathroom spick and span at all times!

Your bathroom can tell a lot about you. Therefore, you must ensure that it includes everything that makes it appealing as well as dirt and bacteria-free and gives you an immaculate and perfect bathroom experience.

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