Home Security Systems – How to Keep Your Family and Your Belongings Secure.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security (NSHSS) reports that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be burglarized. Incredible as that statistic is, the NCHSS also reports that only 17% of American houses have a security system installed. You would think that would be enough to motivate everyone to head out and get an alarm system of some sort! Especially now that wireless home security systems have so many innovative and unique options.

Whole-Home Protection Against Burglary, Fire, and Other Disasters

It is now possible, with current technology, to get protection for every single window, room, and door in your entire house. Of course, this wireless home security system protects against intruders, but also protection from fires, water damage, medical emergencies, and more. In addition, it is all monitored 24/7 by dispatch professionals ready to contact 911 for you.

The Simplisafe Home Security System begins with an attractive base station, much like an Alexa unit.

These incredible DIY wireless home security systems have many special features such as:

  • Wireless, no drilling or landline required
  • Monitored by professionals
  • Easy to set up yourself in no time
  • No contracts, monitoring starts at 50 cents a day
  • Great rating on TrustPilot2

You work hard to provide a home for you and your family. It makes sense to protect your family and belongings.

This smart Simplisafe Home Security System knows what to do! If there is a burglary, it notifies the police. If there is a fire, it automatically notifies the fire department. All for less than half the cost of traditional home security alarm systems.

Document of Homeowners Insurance Policy for background

Discounts on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

When you install DIY home security systems, be sure to call your homeowner’s insurance agent. Ask about discounts on your premiums. Many companies offer up to 20% off when you have a monitored home security system.

Your insurance carrier sees you take extra precautions to protect your home and belongings, so they give you the benefit of lower premiums. They also know that your risk of being broken into is significantly reduced. So, they know that the risk of something happening at your place goes way down.

Check with your insurance company rep about your homeowner’s policy to see how much of a discount you can get. Usually, you will need to supply some sort of proof that you installed the system. If you’re in the market looking for the best homeowners insurance to get the best discount, check out the Insurance Comparison in your local area.

Delivered parcels on the porch near the front door

Front Door Home Security Camera Systems

Since the upsurge in people buying things online, there has also been a skyrocketing rate of Porch Pirates! 1 in 3 people have already had a package stolen. Now you can get protected and even reimbursed if a delivery to your house goes missing.

The Kangaroo Front Door home security camera system is specially designed to deal with porch pirates, in addition to monitoring other entry points. With complete integration with Alexa and Google, the Kangaroo Whole House Monitoring plan offers:

  • 1 Year of Kangaroo Complete Plan
  • $1000 Theft and Damage Coverage (reimbursement for Porch Pirates!)
  • Homeowners Insurance Discount
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 365-Day Video Cloud Storage
  • Alexa & Google Integration
  • And More!

The second-best advice is to keep valuables out of sight. Keep garage doors closed. Turn boxes from expensive purchases inside out and cut them up before recycling them at the curb. The best advice is to add comprehensive DIY home security systems with cameras to your Essential Items shopping list.

Guardline Sensor on the fence

Security Outdoors and on Larger Properties

Don’t forget outdoors! Be sure to guard your property entrances like gates, and driveways with dedicated wireless home security systems, too. Protect barns, garages, and storage sheds on rural acreage or suburban lots.

With today’s plug and play technology, DIY wireless home security systems are super easy to install in minutes! The high-quality materials and weather shield to protect the sensor means outdoor security is easier than ever. The Guardline Security Systems are specifically recommended because they have been extensively tested in extreme weather. So, if you live anywhere that it gets hot, cold, snowy, rainy, or the sun could damage the equipment, this is critical! Otherwise, you end up replacing your security system far too frequently.

Rearview of police officers arresting a young man with a house in the background

Instant Access to The Authorities

A home alarm system works to call the authorities for you. The system automatically accesses police, fire, and medical authorities. Check how your specific system works, but many are triggered by an unauthorized entry into doors or windows, a panic button you push on the control panel, or movement and a heat signature outdoors.

No matter what the problem, you can have police, fire, or ambulance personnel on your doorstep quickly any time you need help. Nothing beats the feeling of peace of mind you get when you know that your property has an automated DIY home security system. You already have enough to think about. Installing a home security system provides protection and safety for your family, property, and belongings. Plus, you know that protection from harm remains – whether you are at home or not.

hand holding 3d rendering mobile connect with security camera

Why You Need a Home Security System with Cameras

Although a little bit of security is better than no security at all, your security system is better when it covers every part of your property. The first place that homeowners tend to try to save money is on security cameras. But cameras and other smart home features work together for the most beneficial security setup.

Cameras really are a must-have. It doesn’t matter what you think happened when you have a break-in, you must have proof! And a photo is the best way to press charges against burglars.

For a few hundred dollars, you can now get a full complement of security cameras. The price of the technology has come down with everything else. Chances are you’ll save enough by preventing just one break-in or in the premiums on your homeowner’s insurance to pay for the security cameras.

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Close-up Of Person Hand Holding Mobile Phone Arming Security System

Don’t Leave Without Arming Your Home Security System

It takes a minute to set the alarm. You’re in a hurry. Or maybe you’ll just be gone a minute. And then again, you’d be surprised how many times people forget to secure their home when they turn in for the night. You can only prevent theft if you turn on the security system!

So, find a way to make it a habit to arm the security system. If you forget, create special reminders. Leave yourself a note on the door or find something else to prompt you.

Then some solutions automatically arm or disarm the system if you (or your phone) are in range. This technology is called geofencing, and certain smart homes can work with the security system, thermostat, and lights, all based on how close you are to your home.

Life After Lockdown. Disguised stealthy robber entering an apartment in the dark, holding crowbar, high angle view

Don’t Forget Your Security System Credentials

It’s at least as common as forgetting every other username and password combination, which can get you in trouble with your security system. If you don’t know the credentials, you can’t set the alarm when you leave and can’t turn it off when you get back. Which means you don’t use it. And not using it is the same as not having it.

Consider using a password manager if you must, but choose one from a carefully vetted, secure service provider.

So, home security systems are certainly on the list of Essential Items for every home. Check out all the options for your home right here!

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