Household Essentials: Your Complete Guide to Utility Items

It takes a lot to turn a house into a beautiful home. Many of us have faced this struggle in the past or are probably facing it right now. However, some people are facing this issue for the first time and we understand how daunting it can get for them.

Where to begin?

While some apartments/homes offer partly or fully furnished facilities and living spaces, others are a blank canvas for you to get started. After the biggies (major furniture items, water and electricity connections, etc.) are sorted out, the real test begins.

This is where you need to make sure you have all the household utility items required and your drawers are stocked with everything you will need – not just in the first few days of moving in, but for the rest of your time there. Most of these items are nothing but staples that you need around the house. And step one of dealing with the chaos, is to get yourself organized with a list. To help you with that, we bring you a complete guide of everything you need around the house as you settle in.

Kitchen Essentials
Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen can be a complex room to set up and maintain because of the number of items that are needed to make it functional.

Dishes and Utensils: Begin with the things you need the most (after raw materials) for cooking up something. Pots, pans, skillets, and spatulas make for very basic utensils while chopping boards, trays, plates, spoons, bowls, glasses, cups, knives and forks are the necessary dishes/cutlery.

Baking equipment: If you want your inner baker to shine, get yourself some baking trays, measuring cups, sifters, silicone spatulas, oven mitts, and electrical equipment like electric whisks, digital food scales, and thermometers.

Linens and towels: Kitchen towels are the key

to clean surfaces. A pack of towels for different surfaces along with some linens to dry out dishes is a must in any kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture and Accessories: No kitchen is complete without a fridge, microwave, drying rack, kettle, toaster, and blender. For the coffee fanatics out there, a coffee machine would make an important addition too.

Storage: Storing food and other items is a major step in creating an organized kitchen. Purchasing dish soap dispensers, jars, bottles, and jugs offers an easy solution to the storage issue.

Bathroom Essentials
Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials

Besides clean running water, every bathroom needs a list of utilities to maintain its tidiness and make it useful in the long run.

Cleaning supplies: Bleaches, toilet cleaners, sponges, garbage bags, toilet brushes, wipes, soaps, rubber gloves, and cleaning cloths or tissues are a must in every bathroom. As these products get used up frequently, it is worth buying them in packs and keeping a couple in storage.

Storage: Like the kitchen, your bathroom also needs storage facilities. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, racks, bars, and hooks (for drying or hanging), baskets, containers, or cabinets for storing all your extra supplies will all prove to be a major help as you start using your washrooms more frequently.

Bathroom utility items: A bathroom is hardly complete without an air freshener, mirror, shower curtain, bath mat, and a wastebasket. These are needed to curb the water from overflowing and flooding different corners of the bathroom and keeping it spotless. A laundry basket (or maybe even two separate ones for whites and colors) also makes for useful household items, especially when placed in the bathroom.

Towels: Clean towels are a necessity. Besides bath towels and bathrobes, it is important to have a few hand towels ready at all times for use.

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Living Room Essentials

A living room is a space that is likely to be used a lot for gathering and entertaining family members and guests. Aside from being comfortable, the living room also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are several ways of getting that done. From painting the walls, adding a wallpaper to putting up paintings and posters, you can easily add color and fresh vibes to your space.

Decor: Experiment with living room accessories and decors like lamps, clocks, wall hangings, vases, and vintage pieces to bring out the best in your living room.

Furniture: You can also work around with furniture staples by choosing different patterns and colors for your tables, chairs, sofa sets, curtains, and rugs.

Photo frames: A personal touch is always welcome in design. Pick out your favorite photographs and put them up to make your living room a friendlier place.

Be sure to add the utility factor to your living room by having a useful media cabinet. Stowaway your remotes, wires, TV, speakers, and other electronic items with ease.

Bedroom Essentials

Just like your living room, it helps to experiment with lightning and decor to bring out the best in your bedroom’s interior design. You can even use furniture items like bedside tables and creative headboards to make your bedroom look aesthetically pleasing.

Linens: Always try and maintain fresh sheets in your bedroom. It includes duvet covers and pillowcases as they not only give a neat look but also help in maintaining great skin and hair health.

Mattresses: A mattress is the key component of a bedroom as an uncomfortable one can lead to disturbed sleep and health issues. Get a comfortable mattress that has medicated features, as it’s a valuable investment for being durable and safe.

Safety Essentials

While the above household utilities are relevant to each room, other items are as essential as the ones listed above. These are not just important for your safety but will also help you carry out your daily routine with ease.

A first aid kit, differently sized batteries, extension cords, spare functioning locks, an extra set of bulbs or flashlights, and a toolbox will prove to be helpful in any emergencies or accidental damages.

Safety Essentials
Safety Essentials






Feel free to use this guide as a house essentials checklist while you’re out shopping so you don’t miss out on any goods and your drawers are stocked with necessities. Essential Items is your one-stop service for all your household needs – reach out to us at any time as you settle into your new home or revamp your existing one!

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