How to Get Rid of House Flies with Home Remedies (Easy Do It Yourself Tricks)

We welcome the warmth of summer with open arms. That is the time to go out for outdoor picnics, take holidays, and enjoy that breeze while opening the windows at home. Unfortunately, houseflies are on the list of the goodies that come with this great season. They seem so determined to ruin that summer vibe. And indeed, they manage to damage it to some extent. That is why you need to know how to get rid of house flies.

These insects are so irritating and buzz continuously around your house. Once they get into your house, their first stopover is the kitchen, if it is easily accessible. They come looking for that sumptuous meal you had some hours ago. If you don’t know how to eliminate house flies, you have no option other than to swat them.

The unfortunate thing with house flies is that they can spread diseases. These insects are notorious and generally bad-mannered. After they crawl along the odd sections of a loo, they come and continue with the same on your food. To make matters worse, these insects lay eggs and defecate wherever they land. Fortunately, there are several measures you can use to get rid of house flies in your house.

Home remedies to eliminate house flies

1.      Use Natural Fly Repellents

Although houseflies are a nuisance in the house, you can use several readily available products to eradicate them.

·         Hot Pepper Repellent

Maybe you have a hot pepper in the same kitchen where these insects fly as if they own. It is now time you know that you can use it to get rid of house flies. When these notorious creatures smell the hot pepper, they are unable to breathe properly. Therefore, you can grow the plants in the garden to discourage the breeding of house flies.

Dead flies
Black housefly

Additionally, you can make a spray using hot pepper. You only need to take around four cups of water and three hot peppers and mix them in an airtight container. Leave the solution under sunlight for seven days, strain, and place in a spray bottle. It is a natural and effective way to eliminate houseflies in your home.

·         Ginger Spray

The ginger spray is a very effective home remedy to eliminate house flies in your house. To make the spray, mix two spoons of ginger powder with four standard cups of water. Place in a spray bottle and apply wherever flies tend to accumulate.

·         Vinegar and eucalyptus oil

Another effective solution to eliminating house flies is a concoction between eucalyptus oil and apple cider vinegar. Use 60 drops of the oil and a quarter cup of vinegar. Besides, you can add a quarter cup of witch hazel into the solution.

·         Plastic water bags

A plastic water bag is an interesting trick to get rid of house flies. These insects can speed off the moment they see a hanging bag full of water. It works under the principle that house flies can detect patterns and movement of light through their lenses. The bag reflects light around the area, which confuses the flies and makes them stay away.

·         Basil

Basil is a common herb in Italian cuisines. House flies cannot stand the scent of this herb. If you wish to get rid of house flies in your homestead, plant basil in your garden or make a repellent spray just like the hot pepper. In this case, cut the leaves and place them in hot water for half an hour.

·         Camphor

This product comes from the woody part of the Camphor Laurel plant. It is a natural way to eradicate house flies in your home.  Camphor has a strong scent that wards off the insects. Besides, it has anti-microbial properties like basil. You can find camphor from online or homeopathic stores. It comes in tablets or blocks that you heat on a plate to diffuse the house’s aroma.

·         Essential oils

Most essential oils have a strong fragrance that ward off the house flies. You can use essential oils from cinnamon, thyme, lemongrass, peppermint, or clove. Although you can use a single essential oil, a combination is more effective due to the mixed scent. To make the spray, mix ten drops of the oils with two cups of water. Additionally, add two cups of vodka (Non-flavored) and shake thoroughly. Apply this solution to get rid of house flies whenever they emerge.

·         Orange peels

Maybe you wish to know how to get rid of house flies inexpensively and naturally. You can do it using orange peels. Extracts from citrus fruits have a substance that can deter insects. You only need to leave the peels near window sills and behind the doors. However, to effectively alleviate house flies, ensure that you use fresh orange peels and replace them when they dry.

2.      Use Traps

Other than repellents, you can sue traps to eradicate house flies in your house. The traps are ideal when you want to kill flies that are already inside your house.

·         Commercial Light Traps

Light attracts insects, and houseflies are not an exception. Commercial light traps use a UV lamp that lures the flies into the trap. An advantage of this method is that you can use it to get rid of house flies and other insects such as mosquitoes and moths. All you have to do is set the light trap in a visible place in the house but not outside. It avoids attracting flies from outside.

·         Electronic Swatter

Maybe you want to know how to get rid of house flies quickly, especially in case of heavy infestation. An electronic swatter is an excellent device to do that. It comes with three layers of high voltage mesh. There is a button to control an inbuilt capacitor responsible for the high voltage. It kills house flies through a spark when they pass through the electrified mesh.

·         The Flypaper Trap

Flypaper trap is a simple home remedy to get rid of house flies. You purchase it as a ribbon with a sweet-smelling adhesive on its sides.

The fragrance attracts that the house flies where they stick upon landing on the paper. Besides, the manufacturers incorporate an insecticide on the coating that kills the houseflies. Other than buying this trap, you can make one at home. You use corn syrup as the adhesive on brown paper strips.

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