How to prepare for Cold and Flu Season?

It’s that time of the year again where you have to be extra careful about your health and this year the challenges are greater and the alertness is much more important (no thanks to the pandemic in the air). Besides the usual precautions, people need to stock up on some new supplies this year (queue the masks and sanitizers) to stay safe and prevent any spread of germs to people who are more susceptible to falling sick.

Get that immunity kicking in: The best way to face the germs is to have your body ready for it. Vitamin C has been a crucial part of 2020 and it is here to stay. You can boost your immunity naturally by incorporating citrus fruits and greens like broccoli and spinach in your diet or you could keep some healthy snacks handy like nuts and seeds. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, opt for vitamin C supplements or add in effervescent tablets to your bottle of water to keep you going through the day. Don’t forget the little ones and ensure you give them nutritious lunches and less sugar if they still are going to school.

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Sleep right: Immunity and recovery from cold and flu aren’t just about eating right and keeping safe. A large part of feeling better and keeping your immune system in check comes from sleeping right. Make sure you’re getting sound sleep of about eight hours. Try not to overwork yourself while burning the midnight oil a lot because that will do more harm than good.

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Monitor yourself: If you tend to come in contact with other people on a regular basis, you have to keep a check on your habits. Don’t meet anyone without a mask on. Invest in a digital thermometer that can quickly monitor your body temperature and help in diagnosing your symptoms easily. If you have trouble breathing, monitor your oxygen levels at home with a compact oxygen kit. If you find yourself facing any symptoms, practice self-isolation, and get in touch with a doctor through proper channels at the earliest.

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DIY prevention/recovery kit: Getting past this season won’t be possible without some medical supplies. Besides vitamin C, you will need things like masks, handwash, and sanitizers to curb the chances of falling sick and keeping clean. In case you fall sick, you can prep your kit with some cold and flu over-the-counter medicines, vapor rubs, nasal sprays, decongestants, and pain relievers.

Extra warmth: Get yourself some extra blankets and jackets to keep you warm at night. These will also come in handy if you fall sick because it’s best not to share them with other members of the household. You can even bring in a humidifier or a portable heater in the room to help you keep cozy and decongested at night as the temperature outside drops down. It’s best to have an extra set of towels too as sharing them or not washing them enough will increase your chances of not just losing out on hygiene but also falling sick.

Hydrate yourself: You need everything from warm water to teas to keep your system hydrated. Drinking warm liquids is great for general health but it is a key element for prevention in the cold and flu season. You can switch things up by adding lemon and honey or salt to your water or make yourself a quick chicken soup to keep your body warm internally. If you tend to spend most of your day outdoors, grab yourself an insulated tumbler or travel mug that can keep your liquids hot for a long time as you sip on them throughout the day.

Don’t forget the steam: Steam has been widely recommended for recovering from mild symptoms of COVID, but it is a great reliever for decongesting your system and killing off those nasty germs. Since the season will get colder outside, taking in some steam might not just help you rest better but will keep you cozy too. A compact steam machine like an automatic inhaler should do just the trick.

Get a nicotine patch: If you’ve been wanting to quit the nasty habit of smoking, now is probably the best time. Besides the side effects, smoking weakens your throat and lungs making them ill-equipped to deal with the harsh weather outside and the problems that come with it. Try out a nicotine patch that can help you out with getting rid of this habit.

Breathe in and out: Practice breathing exercises on a regular basis to keep your lungs in check and breathing right. Get yourself a yoga mat to spare 15 minutes of your day on a breathing or yoga routine that works best for you.

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Problems like cold and flu heal with their own time and pace, but that’s no reason to surrender to the season. Keep your immunity in check with healthy foods and proper sleep and have all your supplies in place for any emergencies or possibilities of falling sick. Because we all know, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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