Run Away from COVID and Into Nature: Your Must-Pack Camping Item List.

Your Must-Pack Camping Item List.

Planning a trip into nature to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air? A camping trip is a wonderful way to get outdoors and enjoy the simple things in life. If you are searching for a basic list of camping items you might need on your trip, look no further.

We’ve gathered some of the things you will need for camping to ensure you have a wonderful experience.


Your must-have list of items for camping

If you are planning a campaign trip, you will need a swag of items to ensure you have the basic comforts while you are out in the wilderness. Even if you are going to a camping ground, there are some basics you will want to include as outlined below:


1. Tent suitable for your group

You should invest in a tent that is a suitable size for the number of people you are camping with. Be aware of the environment and whether there are mosquitos or bugs you might want to protect yourself from by also ensuring you have a flyscreen or zip-up screen of some sort included in your tent set up. You will also need to see if you need a waterproof tarp to cover the tent to prevent condensation from getting into the tent, especially overnight, which can make camping a little uncomfortable.

Tent suitable for your group

2. Sleeping bags and sleeping mats

Pack your sleeping bags and bedding as well as camping pillows in your set up. While you might like to think you love living out in the wild, you will be surprised how a comfy pillow at the end of an adventurous day can make a world of difference to how you sleep. Consider the time of the year you are camping and the temperature you are expecting the evenings to drop to and ensure you have a sleeping bag that is rated to suit that temperature.

3. Headlamps with extra batteries

When you are camping, you might need to head away to use the toilet or facilities at night or dusk, or you may need to search for firewood when it is dark, meaning a headlamp could be a great solution to ensure you have the light you need as well as plenty of spare hands. While a torch can be handy, it can be dropped or be difficult to manage when you are cooking, searching for kindling, and enjoying the outdoors in the evenings. A headlamp attaches securely to your head and is comfortable and ensures complete freedom of your hands.

4. Camping chairs and table

You won’t want to sit on the ground for your meals or relax around the fire, pack some camping chairs, and a fold-up camping table to use for card games, meals, and reading to ramp up the comfort.

Camping chairs and table
Camping chairs and table

5. Tarp

This can be used for any manner of things, from a clear and clean space for kids to play, right through to protecting your feet and belongings from the wet or damp earth below. Throwing in a tarp will always be handy and serves plenty of purposes.

6. First-aid kit

From a safety point of view, one of the more important items needed for camping is a first-aid kit. Designed to be used in the event of a small injury, cut, graze, or to support a bleed while you wait for medical help to arrive, a well-stocked first-aid kit is essential and will give you the peace of mind you have protection while you are out camping.

First aid kit and medical supplies
First aid kit

7. Mobile or radio

Camping, hiking, or being out in the wilderness throws out a lot of opportunities for getting into trouble, whether there be an unexpected storm, bad weather, an injury, or you run into wild animals. You should have a mobile or cell phone with an adequate range to ensure you can call on help in a situation where you or a group member who is camping could be in distress.


8. Esky or chilly bin for Drinks and Food

If you are outdoors or camping, one of the items you might be very happy you brought along is an Esky or cool box for your drinks and food. The days can be taxing when you are camping, and having cold refreshments are a great way to relax and unwind. The cooler box will keep your items cooler for longer, and you can boil the water left once the ice melts if you want to use it for washing up in camp.


9. Cooking utensils/camp kitchen supplies

Consider packing plates, cups, and cutting board for meal prep. You will also need dishcloths for drying up, a plastic tub for washing your dishes, and a range of items to cook while you camp. A quick search of your local camping store should show you some options for your camp kitchen based on what you think you might need.

Cooking utensils
Cooking utensils

No matter the style of camper you are, there are some things you can bring along for camping that will make your experience that little bit more luxurious. Whether you like roughing it or you are more of a glamper, consider packing some of the items listed above and enjoy a camping experience that has a few of the conveniences of home.

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