How to Get Rid of Silverfish with Home Remedies (easy Do It Yourself Tricks)

Although silverfish won’t harm you, its infestation can cause serious damage to your property. It creates holes in papers, books, and almost all starchy materials they find in their way. A silverfish infestation finds its way into your house in search of water and food. These insects prefer humid conditions, and that is why you are likely to find them under the sink, in bathrooms, and in basements.

Due to the temperature regulated conditions present in most of our homes, these insects find a suitable place to multiply. You may think that the silverfish are mostly looking for food remains. However, they prefer cereal and raw pasta, and other commodities such as wallpaper, paper, and books. They might find their way into your house through plastic containers and cardboard boxes that had the infestation. Most people do not know how to get rid of silverfish in their house. However, this article gives you several effective measures that can implement.

SilverFish Elimination Methods

1. Maintain dry conditions in the house

Silverfish prefer humid conditions. That is why you find them in places such as the bathroom due to the available moisture. If there are damp places within your home, ensure to fix them. If not so, it becomes difficult to get rid of a silverfish completely.

In case there are water leaks, restore them, and remove the excess moisture using a dehumidifier.  Additionally, put chalk in a box and place it below the sink. It is an excellent and cheap way to absorb moisture. You can also place the box in the laundry room.

2. Store food sources properly.

Anything that contains high contents of starch is a source of food for the silverfish. Therefore, ensure to store such sources in a place where these insects cannot access. Storing pasta in a plastic package might not offer enough protection. Ensure you keep these foods, including cereals, pasta, and sugar, in air-tight packaging. Other than starch, these insects also like proteins. In books, they like eating the glue and binding.

A favorite food source for the silverfish is paper. Ensure that you store your book and crucial documents in an inaccessible location. You can place them in a box and store them in a room where that is free from the infestation.

3. Use essential oils

If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of silverfish, consider using essential oils. Among the most effective ones are cinnamon, lemon, and lavender. In fact, other than repelling the silverfish, they also repel other crawling insects. Add water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of the essential oil. Spray below the sinks and areas with high silverfish traffic. Besides, you can use the peel of any citrus fruit to repel the insects.

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  1. Lower the infestation in the compound

Another way to get rid of silverfish in your home is to reduce the infestation in the compound. The population you find inside the house comes from outside. Examine the spots such as bird nests, rocks, and leaf clutter. After mowing your compound, you should correct the grass litter.

5. Use wood shavings

You can use this natural method to get rid of silverfish from your house. These insects hate cedar due to its scents. Therefore, you take wood shavings and scatter them around your room. However, it might not be an effective method in the long run. That is because you will have to do a lot of cleans up to remove the shavings.

  1. Use spicy sachets.

You can as well use cedar, bay leaves, and cinnamon to eliminate silverfish in your house. Take a spice bag and fill them with either one or more of the spices. Most spices tend to stain surfaces, and that is why a bag is important. You can place the sachets in cupboards, shelves, and around the edges of the room.

  1. Seal the entry points

Silverfish find their way into your house when the conditions are warm out there. However, you can bar them from entering by sealing gaps around the windows and below the door. Remember that these insects have a small body thus can fit in very tiny crevices. You can use caulk to seal the entry points.

8. Trap silverfish with newspaper

You can use newspapers to get rid of silverfish in a very natural way. This method is cheap and non-toxic. Since newspapers are good sources of food for these insects, they are good baits, particularly if damp.

All you do is to take those old sheets and roll them up. Use a rubber band to secure them and soak them in water until they are somehow damp. Identify the areas where there is a lot of silverfish and drop these damp newspapers there. These insects camp on them overnight and all you have to do is discard them in the morning. You can do it for several nights until you notice a decline in the infestation. That is how to get rid of silverfish without having to kill them.

9. Diatomaceous earth

This product is ideal not only when you want to eliminate silverfish but also other crawling insects. All you need to do is to scatter the diatomaceous earth in the infested locations. It does not attract the silverfish. However, when they come into contact, it dehydrates them, which causes their death.

10. Bait-and-Trap Method

You can as well use bait and trap to alleviate silverfish in your home. There are two types of traps.

·  Jar trap

Take a glass jar, ideally one with a height of at least three inches. Clean it and use masking tape to wrap the outside completely. Then place a piece of bread inside the jar. The idea is to have the food attract the silverfish. The tape enables the insect to crawl into the jar, but once it is inside, it cannot crawl out due to the glass’s smooth interior wall. If you have been searching for how to get rid of silverfish without killing them, this is an effective method.

· Sticky trap

Prepare a paste of water and flour and apply it on a cardboard. Leave the paste to dry for a dry consistency. Place the trap in a location where these insects are likely to frequent. You can use a ducktape to catch the silverfish instead of flour paste. After trapping the silverfish, discard them in the morning and reconfigure the trap.

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