The Curse of EMF: Learn about the Health Dangers and Solutions of EMF Pollution

Contrary to misguided perception, EMF exposure is not some far-fetched theory. In fact, it comes with health consequences that you need to know. Over the years, scientific researchers have managed to pinpoint how extended EMF exposure can lead to health issues like heart diseases and cancer.

On top of all, high and consistent exposure to EMF can impair physiological and neurological functions. Ultimately, think of EMF exposure as a nerve disruption that can impact your daily life. However, so long as you have a basic awareness and stay away from prolonged EMF exposure, you can minimize the harmful risks.

What is EMF

EMF, in simple terms, is an invisible wave of energy that travels indoors. On the other hand, the invisible light that radiates from the sun is also EMF. As science continues to evolve, more electric appliances and even medical procedures result in invisible EMF exposure.

Beware of EMF Exposure

There is more than one type of EMF exposure. It divides into ionizing exposure such as x-rays and ultraviolet light. However, non-ionizing radiation is a common form of EMF exposure. From mobile devices, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, to computers, EMF’s ominous presence is always in the air.

The health impact of EMF exposure is public knowledge, but how far this danger can create health issues is not conclusive. Remember, the early detection of common EMF exposure symptoms is impractical. Still, you should be aware that EMF, at its core, can disrupt your nervous system and damage cells.

Some of the most common symptoms that stem from EMF exposure include:

  • Sleep cycle disruption (i.e., insomnia)
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dysesthesia
  • Memory changes
  • Reduced focus
  • Restlessness
  • Dizzy spells
  • Weight loss
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Reduced appetite
  • Skin burning and rashes

Why EMF Exposure Deserves Your Undivided Attention

EMF radiation leaves an impact on the human body on a cellular level. In fact, the negative effects of EMF can damage cell membranes, DNA and reduce calcium ions. Electrical sensitivity, it’s a term you may not have heard of it before, but it sums up short-term and long-term exposure to EMF.

Let’s take a look at a few health risks related to EMF exposure:

v  High Risk of Heart Disease

When you absorb a lot of EMF, your body’s ability to rejuvenate and energize starts to wear off. Consequently, it puts you at a higher risk of heart-related diseases.

v  High Risk of Cancer

Scientifically, EMF pollution is a potential carcinogen associated with brain cancer and leukemia in children. Over the last decade, there have been hundreds of scientific studies that paint a clear picture of how EMF exposure’s 5G radiation leads to cancer.

v  High Probability of Depression

Many studies highlight that EMF exposure is one of the critical factors that lead to severe depression. In addition, studies also highlight that individuals who live close to high power grids have high suicide rates.

v  Reduced Fertility

EMF exposure changes your cellular homeostasis, reproductive functions, and endocrine function. In men, EMF pollution can decrease semen quality and total sperm count. In women, excessive EMF exposure can lead to pregnancy and fetal development issues.

v  High Risk of Neurogenerative disease

Long-term exposure to EMF can lead to neurogenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, a study managed to find that frequent exposure to EMF is one of the primary causes of ALS.

Solutions: It’s Time to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Yes, you can develop EMF-induced electrical sensitivity and avoid radiation from electric devices and appliances. However, the role of healthy nutrition is quintessential in each solution. Here are some useful ways to reduce EMF exposure and preserve your health:

v  Basic EMF Protection

Today, it is hard to imagine a life without a smartphone. It is no secret that cell phone devices occupy your personal and professional life. As nightmarish as it may sound, when you put your cell phone on your ear, you absorb more than 50% of the cell phone’s radiation.

Talking on a cellphone
Woman Talking to Someone on Mobile Phone While Drinking at the Cafe

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However, there are cellphone brands that highlight how much EMF radiation it can transmit. Therefore, make sure to conduct your research before purchasing and using a smartphone device. If you want to stay safe from the earphone associated radiation, you can use headphones.

v  Minimize or Avoid Body Contact

You can, of course, the body contact by using wireless earphones or a compact headset. But another great way to restrict body contact is by using a cell phone or tablet protective case to decrease EMF exposure.  In fact, it is the reason cell phone manufacturers advise users to get a thick protective case. Besides, it will protect the cell phone and as well as minimize the EMF exposure to your body.

Another way to avoid direct EMF exposure is to avoid putting your laptop or tablet on your lap. In any case, make sure to keep a distance of 100mm from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Furthermore, don’t make a habit of putting the smartphone into your pockets. And when you have to set up an alarm clock, don’t put it close to the bedside. Instead, keep the cell phone at 6 feet’s distance from your bed.

Laptop on lap
Working with a laptop at home

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v  Take Up Hobbies that Don’t Require Electronic Devices

With the onslaught of pandemic crisis, it makes sense to avoid group social gatherings. However, you can take an interest in a hobby that doesn’t require the use of electronic devices. Think of a hobby like painting, knitting, or playing the piano that disconnects you from modern technology.

Mostly, something as simple as turning off your smartphone is all it takes to reduce EMF pollution. Similarly, you can schedule a time to watch television and switch it off when it’s not in use. If you have a backyard garden or a nearby park, take short walks. You can read a book, meditate, exercise, or practice yoga.

v  Create an EMF-free Zone

For better or worse, most homes have a dedicated wireless connection. In fact, even restaurants and specific public places now have Wi-Fi radiation. However, if you want to create an EMF shield, you will need to build a safe zone free from EMF pollution.

It might sound old school, but switch off your Wi-Fi connector when you’re not going to bed. It is more of a healthy habit to switch off and switch on your Wi-Fi router each day and significantly reduce EMF pollution indoors.

wifi in home
wifi router on the desk

v  Get in Touch with Nature

Typically, the busy digital life leaves little to no room for people to go outdoors. It turns out nature is a natural healer after all. For instance, earthing is nature’s self-sustaining mechanism of detoxification from EMF exposure.

Earthing system refers to the process of walking on the ground with bare feet. As a result, Earth helps you soak the negative electronics, remove air pollution, unsaturated fats, and even reduce inflammation. Think of Earth’s electrons as an efficient magnetic mop that restores the positive energy and creates and balances personal electrical circuitry.

Final Thoughts

You should take a sigh of relief in the fact that you can prevent and minimize the exposure risk to EMF. In the age of digitalization and the IT revolution, it is practically impossible to stop using mobile devices and computers. But the more you educate yourself about EMF, the sooner you will take actions to minimize the risk of exposure. Shop online for a full selection of EMF protection Essential products, a few to pick from, DefenderShield or GetLambs

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