The Only 10 Essential Items that 2 Year Old Must Have

2 Year Old Must-Haves

When I was recently scouring the internet for 2-year-old essentials, I wondered how products are classified into the essential category and how I would know which product was best for my baby. So I decided to do some extensive research and dive deep into the world of 2-year-old must-haves.

2-year-olds usually require products that help them transition into the workings of daily life. Products ranging from potty training toilet seats to toddler cutlery, beds, and even high rise chairs all assist your toddler while also helping them learn new skills.

There are many new products available in the market that can classify as 2-year-old must-haves. But you need to have a good understanding of how to identify the best of these products. This will also help you avoid getting scammed online.


How To Identify The Must-Haves

Identifying the must-haves may seem like a huge job. But it’s quite simple. As the parent of a toddler, you probably realize how difficult it is to keep an eye on them all day long.

Toddlers are just bursting with energy and have the drive to explore and experience new things. This really makes it very difficult to keep up with them.

Especially if you’re a single parent or a parent that works multiple jobs, it is essential to have products that assist you with the small struggles of daily life.

To identify the right essential products for your 2-year-old, you must first make a list of all the things you want assistance with. For example, if you want help with keeping your toddler still in the car, a portable car seat with straps is what you need.

Another thing you can look out for is identifying essential products is if they help your child learn new things. 2-year-olds are extremely fast learners and grasp on to new concepts very quickly.

For example, if you want to potty-train your child, a potty-training seat will work wonders for you. If you’re going to help your child learn table manners, anti-spill bowls, and toddler cutlery will do the trick for you!

list of Essential Products For Your Two-Year-Old
list of Essential Products For Your Two-Year-Old

Choose The Right Essential Products For Your Two-Year-Old

After identifying the must-haves for your 2-year-old, there are some more things you need to do to ensure that you get the best products at the best prices available. The first thing you need to look at is the quality of the product available.

You can also look at the price of the product itself. It is always a great idea to compare prices on different forums. This helps you avoid over-priced items or dishonest sellers. This also increases your chances of getting a good-quality product for less money.

Here are some examples of must-haves for 2-year-olds


1.  Toddler Cutlery

With your little one learning how to walk, talk, and eat at the table, it is important to give them the right tools. Toddler cutlery is available in many markets in various colors and designs. It is not expensive at all and helps your child learn how to use cutlery. It also reduces the mess your child makes during lunch and dinner times, which is great for you since you won’t have to clean up so much after them.

Toddler Cutlery for 2 years old
Toddler Cutlery

2.  Extended Faucet

Now that your child is learning how to use the bathroom themselves, they might need a little assistance. Faucet extenders are also widely available all over the internet and are included in the must-have list. These extenders work to extend the water flow from the faucet to easily reach your little one. This means that your child won’t have to worry about leaning forward too much and will easily be able to wash their hands.


3.  Car Seat

Portable car seats are a must-have if you have a 2-year-old. Traveling becomes quite hard when there’s a restless child in the car.

To help your trip go smoothly, and avoid any bumps on the road (literally), get your child a portable car seat.

Many of these seats have extra padding for comfort. They have been designed by experts to absorb impacts and secure your child in case of an accident or mishap. So get your hands on these portable car seats for your child as soon as you can.

Car Seat for 2 years old
Car Seat

4. Toddler Bed

Toddler beds are also one of the main items on the list of essentials for 2-year-olds. It helps our child have a comfortable night of sleep and also teaches them a few important lessons.

Giving your child a toddler bed teaches them the importance of privacy and having your own space. This is why this is one of the best things you can get your child.

Toddler Bed for 2 years old that they must have
Toddler Bed

5. Potty Training Chair

Now those diaper days are over for your child; it is important to help them learn to use the adult toilet. This transition is usually difficult for some children; however, they can learn and adapt with time.

To help them adapt, it is essential to get them a potty training seat. Luckily for you, there are a variety of potty training seats available in the market. Most of them have comfortable seats and come with splash guards that avoid spills.

Potty Training Chair for 2 years old
Potty Training Chair

6.  Bed Rail

If you’ve got a separate bed for your toddler, it is also important to get them a bed rail. Bed rails are designed to mimic the crib design your toddler is used to.

The rail forms a secure border around your child as they sleep and protects them from rolling over or falling.

A bed rail with steel clamps could be very useful since it not only provides protection but also makes the bed feel sturdier and more comfortable.

bed rail for 2 years old which they must have
bed rail

7.  A Stroller

If your child is getting bigger and you don’t have the strength to carry them around everywhere anymore, get a stroller for them. Strollers are absolute must-haves for 2-year-olds. They keep them secure, comfortable, and within your line of sight.

Strollers can be easily folded and also have extra carrying space that you can use to keep your toddler’s belongings in. Getting a stroller will help you with those morning walks and make life easier for you!

Stroller for 2 years old

8.  Fluffy Pillows

Everyone deserves fluffy pillows! If you’ve decided to give your toddler a bed, go the extra mile and get them some small and fluffy pillows.

Pillows will help your child enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and will have them feeling refreshed in the mornings. Also, you can decorate your child’s bed by getting them cute; printed pillow covers with their favorite cartoon characters on them!


9.  Toddler Comforters

Your toddler’s bed won’t feel complete without new comforters. Comforters have a very soft, luxurious feel and will help your child settle in comfortably in bed. Keep in mind to get only the best quality made of 100% cotton and neat stitching.

Getting a good quality comforter is always a good investment since it lasts you a long while. For your 2-year-old, you can get comforters with cartoon characters and cool designs on them. Kids always love those!


10. Books for Toddlers

A good book for toddlers can do wonders. They will stay occupied for longer periods and also learn something along the way.

A good option is a book with vivid pictures, and text that can help your child engage and learn new concepts. You can get a few books for them to pick through from time to time.

2 years old must have books
Books for Toddlers


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