Tips on How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House (Top 4 home remedies)

A mouse is always in search of a place to curl up during the cold season. It happens to find your house in the best place due to warmth. That is why mice are common during winter and fall. But that does not mean that they can’t be a problem during the warm period.  For that reason, people are always finding how to get rid of mice.

You cannot blame yourself for having these pests in your home. It is not your carelessness. We all have kids who are likely to forget and leave the door open. Besides, you could be having a restructuring project, and the workers keep moving in and out of the building. In short, there are different routes through which these pests can get into your house. But the crucial thing is to know how to get rid of mice once they find their way into your dwellings.

Nothing is disturbing, like relaxing in the sitting room and these unfortunate guests happen to run just along the wall. You watch helplessly, and the only thing you can do is yell to them. Rodents might not seem a very big deal. However, there are health hazards, especially for your kids and pets. Therefore, techniques on how to get rid of mice and rats should be on your fingertip.

Measures on How to Get Rid of Mice

1. Block the entry points

A perfect way to get rid of mice in your home is to bar their entry points. These rodents can squeeze through a very small hole, making it a challenge to block their routes. The most reliable ways include the use of calk and concrete. You can also use aluminum mesh, steel wool, or copper, where there is a need for flexibility.

Fix the gaps and cracks present in the building, including walls, basements, and foundations. Additionally, hinder possible entry points around the door and windows. You can use caulk in holes that pave the way for appliances. Blocking entry points is a great measure for you to get rid of mice.

2. Observe hygiene

Other than a place to live, another basic need for mice is food. If possible, you can eliminate garbage around your compound. However, it is not entirely an effective measure to get rid of mice. There are other measures that you need to undertake. For instance, ensure that any pet food in the house is in containers that the rodents cannot access.

Besides, there are areas in the kitchen where crumbs gather after daily cooking activities, especially below the stoves. Another measure to get rid of mice is the disinfection of the countertops after preparing your food. Any uneaten food remains should be in a place where the rodents cannot access, especially during the night when they are most active.

While you focus on indoor hygiene, don’t forget that the outdoor areas are essential as well. Mow that lawn regularly, trim the hedge too since those can be hiding spots for the rodents. In case there is debris around, such as old car parts and furniture, keep track of them.

3. Use a mousetrap

Keeping the homestead tidy is only a way of trying to bar the mice from finding it a habitable place. However, you are still likely to find a few. Despite that, the small population can still be devastating. In fact, that is the average number your find in the most homestead, and it still causes headache.

Trapping is a great method since you find the rodent where you have set your trap. Therefore, it is ideal to get rid of mice in apartments and other residential places where it might be challenging to access some building parts. You don’t want an awful smell when the mice die in an inaccessible spot. Below are different types of mouse traps.

· Snap traps

This trap can be metallic, wooden, or plastic and has a strong snap that captures the rodent and strangles it to death. These traps require that you use bait to attract the mice. When doing an inspection, you identify the areas with the most activity of the rodents. They are the spots to place the snap traps.

The trigger end should be close to the wall. It maximizes the probability of the mice running over the traps as they run around. If you eliminate food sources completely around the homestead, the bait in the snap trap is sure to catch the mice. Ideal bait should produce a fragrance such as cereals, cheese, or nuts. Dog foods and peanut butter are perfect baits.

If you are to use solid bait, it is advisable to tie it to the trigger. Otherwise, the rodent could consume it without triggering the trap.

· Live catch traps

This trap allows you to catch several mice in a single trap. It is usually metallic but has a transparent allowance on top where you can see inside. Rodents are curious and like exploring dark areas. When they come across this trap, they get in without a second, and that is how you capture the culprits. If you have been wondering how to get rid of mice without harming them, consider using live catch traps.

· Glue traps

It can be a flat piece of cardboard or plastic tray with a special adhesive on its upper surface. If you are looking for an interesting way to get rid of mice, this turns out to be one of them. The rodent sticks to the adhesive as it runs over. At the time, you can find the culprit alive, staring in a merciful look.

4. Use a mouse repellent

Another way you can embrace to get rid of mice home remedies is the use of a repellant. There are products that you can use to keep rodents at bay. Mice dislike strong odors such as that of mint plants. You can soak a cotton ball in peppermint and place it where there is high mice activity. Strong hot spices such as Tabasco sauce and cayenne are also effective if you wish to get rid of the mouse.

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