Top tips to get your home ready for Thanksgiving

The guest list is ready and the turkeys are set to go into the oven very soon! The holiday season is right around the corner and for many that would mean prepping the house for Thanksgiving. From intense cleaning to a bit of new shopping, Thanksgiving gives people a chance to add a touch of newness to their homes every year. This year, the pandemic not only forced us all to focus more on the importance of real sanitization but also tutored us on how to achieve ultimate cleanliness with furniture, fittings, and more around the house as opposed to simple tidiness.

Lining up your tasks can get a little daunting and chaotic during this season. While it is always a good idea to do some of the shopping in advance and start early, with the pandemic, it has probably become a necessity in some parts of the world.

To make your life easier, we created a roundup of everything you need to do this Thanksgiving to get your home ready for your loved ones.

Deck The Table: One of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving remains the table at which guests and families are expected to sit down for meals. Once you know your guest list thoroughly, plan out recipes in advance. This would give you a head-start on the supplies you will need for the table on D-Day (extra dishes, serving items, etc.)

It is worth considering if you need to shop for newer table accessories. Buying a new set of candlesticks, colored napkins, or centerpieces will definitely help with the overall look of your table. Either bring out silverware that you have been saving for the big day or shop for a few extras as per the guest list because the last thing a host would need is a guest without a plate in hand! If you feel the need to purchase a new table to accommodate more people, then plan the delivery and fittings in advance so you have a sturdy piece of furniture for when the guests come in.

Spick and Span: While cleaning around the house is pretty much part of the usual routine, you might want to take a deeper look at all your faucets, taps, and other fittings around the house. Prior to Thanksgiving is a good time to get started on any repairs. Once you’re done with making the repairs, it’s time to make your home shine.

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Polish all surfaces with appropriate products to make taps look shinier, floors look cleaner, and surfaces look spotless. This will not just amplify the look of your house but also make it look more inviting and comfortable for guests to step in. Take a look at the walls and furniture around the house. Re-paint and fill out walls if required and fix the upholstery of any chairs, sofas, beds, etc. that look out of place.

If you have a house with a front or a backyard, it’s time to get the gardening tools out. Trimmed trees, more flowers, and clean bushes will make extremely good first impressions as the guests enter.

Exit Strategy: Post the big dinner, you want to make sure your guests continue to feel welcomed and comfortable. Your home should ideally be stocked with extra supplies of basic necessities. Keep your kitchen cabinets stocked with snacks and your guest rooms and other spaces ready with fresh sheets. Bathrooms should be tidied out and packed with extra soaps, towels, etc.

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Try to have a larger set of to-go containers handy as some you might want to pack up some food for them when they leave. Make some room in closets, racks, shelves, and side tables for them to store their belongings while they are there. Coat closets and shoe shelves will probably require more space than others as these will be the most commonly used furniture pieces.

Garbage Management: It can get tricky to host people and deal with all the waste that piles up in the house. Consider adding a few more wastebaskets around the house and taking the garbage out on time so you never have to worry about excess waste in the house. This will also prove to be helpful if you have little children coming over as it makes it more convenient for them to throw trash away while they play around.

COVID Safe: Unfortunately, keeping the house COVID safe is a necessity in the current scenario. This step does not just involve sanitization but also focuses on keeping things like handwashes, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, etc. around the house for easy reach. Sanitizing sprays are handy as they can be used on multiple occasions and surfaces and will help to keep germs in check when you have multiple people coming over.

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If you want to curb germs at the door, consider placing a mini shoe-shelf at the door that can be used by friends and family alike right before they step in.

Shopping and cleanliness are important during the holiday season but the most important factor remains to have fun. With everything going on this year, quality time with your loved ones is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. So, don’t forget to have a fulfilling time with them amidst the preps.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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