What Essential Living Room Items Do You Need for Your Home?

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting as well as daunting. From moving your stuff to finding new furniture and furnishings, the list is endless when it comes to essential living room items. It takes a bit of time and passion to design a beautiful living room that fills up every space with grace and class. Depending upon specific preferences and aesthetics, there are different things that one would need to make their new house, feel like home. With differing spatial limitations, one needs to be wise in accommodating appropriate décor and furniture items.

So, what does a living room need? Here’s an essentials guide to help yows234u get the basics right when it comes to decorating your new living room with all the right things.

When talking about all the things that are in a living room, we are most likely to get started with must-haves that includes the right furniture that will make your living space comfortable and cozy as well.

#1 A Comfy Couch

Furniture usually takes up the most space in a living room and often it is considered as the first thing that one notices when they walk into your home. While we see there are many possibilities and configurations that one can use, living room furniture is absolutely essential to any home.

When we talk about living room furniture, the first item that you must pick is a comfy and stylish sofa/couch. While branded and uber-stylish sofas are a tad expensive, one must really focus on the quality as it’s one of the few long-term purchases that you would be making! A lot of living room furniture is placed around the sofa, so you need to set a benchmark with this in terms of style and budget.

#2 Coffee Table

So, after you have finalized a stylish and comfortable sofa, the next step is choosing a great table for the center space or a coffee table, whichever you prefer. Coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes and you need to make a choice, keeping in mind your living space, the color, and the sofa that you’ve chosen. Large sofas work best with long oval-shaped or rectangular tables while modern and sleek sofas look great with square or circular coffee tables. Although, a circular table softens the look of a room with too many stiff square lines.

Be careful while choosing the material for your coffee table keeping into account functionality and style preferences. If you have small children in your family, avoid purchasing a glass table. Make a choice that not only looks great but also has great functionality and utility value.

#3 Accent Chairs/Recliners

Accent chairs or recliners are a great way to add more seating space in your living room and adding a touch of modern class as well. These chairs should be added after you have purchased your sofa as they must complement the color or style to give a stylish uniformity to the living space.

It is important that you plan ahead when considering where you might place these chairs so that your living room doesn’t seem cramped up but fills up any leftover negative space beautifully.

Entertainment Unit
Entertainment Unit

#4 Entertainment Unit

For most homes, television is a very important part of the living room. It is often considered to be the focal point of the living space as we see people seek options for how to house the TV that saves space and looks elegant as well. For this purpose, a media console or an entertainment unit can blend well into the room décor. Choose a unit that fits your TV well keeping into consideration whether you’re going for a wall-mounted one or not. You can also go for a TV armoire that will contain your TV and will include a cabinet with doors so that you can conceal it when it’s not in use.

#5 Side Tables

Apart from a coffee table, it is important that you have a nice and elegant side table to add some surface area into your living room. Especially if you have a large living room with long sofas, side tables can be useful to set down drinks or snack plates, etc. Coordinate the color scheme and style of the table with your furniture and be sure to choose the height that comfortably fits the height of the sofa or the chairs.

Indoor unit
Indoor unit

#6 Indoor Plants

There should always be enough room for some greenery in the living room! Apart from adding that airy freshness and giving out that extra oxygen, plants look great and pair well with nearly all kinds of furniture. It is advisable that you know where your plants would go well and choose the right ones to ensure that they get the essential natural light by placing them near the windows, and most importantly care for them so that stay healthy and grow well indoors.

indoor plants
indoor plants

#7 Curtains

Curtains can certainly be called the secret ingredient to a perfectly designed living room and home. Such curtains or drapes are recommended as a way of adding a unique character to your living space. Try bold colors and patterns or subtle hues and prints that not only goes well with the rest of the décor but also functions well to soften the furniture laden room and adds a necessary pop of color.

#8 Rug

Depending upon the type of flooring you have, it’s a good idea to add a nice rug to the living room to add a warm ambiance and a cozy feel. Rugs make your living room snuggly especially during the winter season when you might want to curl up with a book in front of a fire! Choose a color and print that coordinates well with your furniture and design scheme.


#9 Décor

The living room is considered to be the center of a home, and no two homes are the same in terms of décor and theme. So, what makes your home special? Consider adding a personal touch to it with the right accessories/décor to make it welcoming and bright. There are certain things that fall under the must-have living room accessories and décor. Artwork, showpieces, accent pillows, candles, bookshelves, and even decorative trays can perk up your living space and add a vibrant flair. It can also match other bedrooms in your house.


#10 Lighting  

Lighting is a critical part of any room in your house, and so overhead lighting and table lamps in the living room should also be well chosen. Select an overhead chandelier if you have tall ceilings to keep your living space well lit, if your living area is small and ceilings are low, a flush mount will be perfect. A table lamp will be perfect for the sofa sides where you need small amounts of targeted lighting for reading or relaxing.

So, here you go! Here is our list of top essentials that are an absolute must for a great living room. As time goes by, your living room will evolve and witness a consistent change as you develop new tastes and preferences and add or eliminate items according to trends. We hope our recommendations will help you in creating a functional and practical living space that is bang on style as well!

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