What to include in the perfect holiday gifting guide?

‘Tis the season and Santa is probably not the only one who is worried about gifting. The time right before the holidays can get super hectic and chaotic if you are not sure about what your gifts are going to be like. From making checklists to visiting multiple stores, most people spend all their time trying to get the perfect holiday presents for their loved ones.

While the gesture is as lovely and traditional as ever, it can be made easier with a few tweaks in the process. Essential Items is your one-stop destination for every present you might need this season. Our perfect holiday gifting guide was created for you to save your time and energy. Enjoy the extra time with all your close ones as these ideas are bound to bring a smile to their faces.

For your partner:

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For her: If she loves her stationary, make her life easy with a planner or a journal. Hardback journals, spiral-bound books, or a color-coded planner will help her get through her busy days with a lot more ease.


A swift way to put together a loving gift for her is to create a self-care package. Fill a basket or a box up with her favorite snacks, top-ups for her favorite skincare products, and a few bath bombs. Be sure to throw in sheet masks to complete the package.

For him: Skincare should not be limited to women, a handy self-care kit will work just as well for him. You could go take your pick between a beard grooming kit and an after-shaving kit depending on his beard preferences.

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Jerseys and other merchandise pieces that belong to his favorite sporting team are definitely worth considering. You can stay in line with the holiday spirit with some official scarves, socks, beanies, and other warm pieces to add to the perfect present.

For both: It is important to realize that personalization almost never misses the mark and even more so, during the holiday season. Jewelry pieces like necklaces, anklets, or earrings are great by themselves. But if you add in their name, initials, zodiac sign, or a significant word, it is bound to make a better impression. Customizations also work well with all the gadgets being used by us frequently. This includes wireless earphones, laptop covers, speakers, phone accessories, etc. Use their favorite show’s references, their idols, etc. to come up with smart ideas for customizations.

For the folks:

It’s 2020 which means it’s time to move away from the same old gifts for mum and dad. Introduce them to smart tech with things like a smart speaker for their homes that can do more than just playing their favorite songs.

Gardening kits make some of the best gifts for mum and dad if they have a garden to maintain. Several succulent kits come stocked with tools, pots, and other equipment that will make your parents’ gardening easier and keep them active. You can also go the extra step and opt for vegetable or herb kits if your folks have a unique preference for their garden.

For your sibling:

Siblings deserve something special for being your worst enemy and biggest support system, all in one. Show you care by buying them items they can use on a daily basis. Feel free to mix and match these as per your sibling’s choices because as we all know – the more the better!

    • Books: Get them a set of their favorite series of books or fresh copies of the volumes they have been wanting to get their hands on.
    • Decor: Regardless of whether you share a room with your sibling or not, it is worth gifting them a piece of decors such as a photo frame with your best pictures, pretty lights, wall hangings, signboards, or even vintage placards of their liking work really well. Anything that helps your sibling make their space more about them.
    • Matching Pairs: This could be matching pairs of anything from onesies and baseball caps to mugs and wine glasses. These will not only make for a great laugh when they are opened but also show off your bond.

  • Travel Packs: Put together a mini-traveling kit by getting them an eye mask, a traveling neck pillow, a beanie, and more for your next trip together.

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For the BFFs:

No holiday is complete without your closest friends celebrating with you. This season focus on giving your BFFs items that remind you of them. This could be anything from sequined cushion covers to custom socks.

Get things prepped beforehand for your next hangout with some brand-new cooking kits. You can make the most out of a Mexican night or go easy with Bagel and Cheese kits as these include all the necessary ingredients and recipes you might need for reference. These will not only make the chef in them super happy but give you two extra quality time you deserve. Alternatively, you can make an extra effort and create a DIY-cooking kit by putting together the ingredients of a dish they love!

While these suggestions will make gift-buying a smooth-sailing process, these aren’t set in stone. You know your loved ones best and mixing and matching from the above options can take you a long way if you do it right. Feel free to make all your purchases together and then picking and choosing what goes to whom.


Because after all, it’s the thought that counts most.

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