Winter Car Emergency Kit: Items needed for a vehicle break down in snow

Cities covered in white snow always look like a dream if you’re just admiring them. But it’s not the best position to be in if you’re stuck outdoors as opposed to being safe and cozy in the comfort of your own home. From snow buildup to the constant drop in temperatures, it can be a bit of a task to stay out for long (especially if you don’t know your surroundings well). To help yourself get out of an emergency situation, it’s always handy to store some supplies in the trunk of your car. It’s also worth keeping a check on these items every few months – in case anything needs a top-up or a replacement.

Juice for your phone: Your phone is probably going to be the most used device in an emergency. Unfortunately, it comes with a limited supply of batteries. Always have some kind of charging material for your phone in your car. This could be in the form of a couple of some fully charged power banks or a portable car charger that can be plugged in. Pro-tip: Always keep a version of offline maps saved on your phone so you can use them for navigation in case you lose satellite connectivity.

Light it up: If your car’s breakdown happens anytime close to the sunset, it can be trickier than usual to deal with, considering there would be little to no source of light. Emergency lights will (at the very least) help you through any repair work that you might want to carry on to get your car up and running again. It’s also important to keep these lights in working condition so make sure you’ve got a set of spare batteries on you that don’t run out easily. You can even switch things up and keep a few glow sticks in place of these torches as they are easy to store and use.

Energy bars: You’re going to need food supplies that last long and don’t expire easily. Energy bars fit perfectly into that category of foods as they will help with getting in all the nutrients you would need to sustain yourself for a long period of time. Storing in some packs of canned drinks can also prove to be helpful as they have a good shelf life. However, it can prove to be tough sometimes because if left in the car for too long out in the snow, they might give you frozen drinks.

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Extra blanket: Weighted blankets or just an extra snuggly blanket can prove to be immensely helpful if you have to spend a lot of time in your car or outside it. Not only does it keep you nice and warm, but it can also be used for napping in the back seat while waiting for help or sunlight. Since it’s bound to save you from the harsh weather, it will also keep you from falling sick as much as possible.

Jumper cables: If a passerby or a driver is willing to help you out, the last thing you want is for you to be without a jumper cable. Keep a pair of these in your emergency kit as they will not only help with getting your car started in a jiffy after a breakdown, but will also save you the time and energy to go looking for one.

Snow-proof essentials: When it comes to breakdowns in the winter, there is a large chance of you getting stuck in the middle of heavy snowfall. This means you will need to be careful about snow building up everywhere in and around your car. Keep your windows up as much as possible in the middle of a snowfall. Even if your car has heated windscreens, you must try and save that battery. Instead, store a few snowbrushes that will help you keep the front and back windows and windscreen clean. You might want to keep different sizes of these brushes as the exhaust pipe of the car might see some snow getting in there too. This can prove to be quite dangerous as it can lead to an increase in carbon monoxide inside the car.

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A box of matches: Sounds odd, but a box of matches can come to your rescue in a number of situations. One of the most important ones being keeping you warm by starting up a small bonfire. They can also help with providing light if your emergency torch runs out of power.

Always ensure that your emergency kit is not missing anything essential or holding in any expired foods as these will do more harm than good. Besides a fully stocked kit, keep emergency numbers handy and memorized as these should be your first set of calls if a situation like this arises. Take your car goes for regular maintenance checks during the winter season as this will help in avoiding an accidental situation or a breakdown. If you’re heading out for a long road trip, make regular stops for fuel refills and additions to your emergency kits.

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Hopefully, you will never have to worry about emergencies like these but in the off-chance that you do, get yourself all the essentials listed above.

Be safe out there!

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